How Personal Branding will lead you ahead as a professional?

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What is this Personal Brand? Do I need it for my career progression?” I often come across this question. Well, if we explore our life’s Wikipedia deeply, we will be able to discover the meaning of the same.

Life teaches us subconsciously, the meaning of Personal Branding, which we normally ignore. Don't we market our feelings or presence to woo our partner? Don't we try to impress our partner with our dance moves? The feeling of -"I am the only right choice of yours baby" is called Personal Branding.

Personal Branding is an art of shouting out and saying to the world that “My name is XYZ. Explore me." There are many hidden talents around us but only few get noticed, and the best way to achieve recognition is to frame and execute Personal Brand strategy.

Let discuss some of the Personal Brand Strategies which will enhance our career progression-

1)      Connect the Touch points.

               Engage all “our” touch points in an organization such as –

a)      Our immediate boss, our peers, our team members, stake holders and all other functional heads (not only your reporting head).

b)      Engagement in the forms of sharing notable achievements with all hierarchy levels

c)       Seeking regular feedback and advice from key members of our organization

d)      Creating an environment of trust where employees will talk about our trustworthiness.

e)      If we can create a trustworthy environment then we are working bang-on towards achieving the target of creating a successful Personal Brand for us.

2)      Discovering our Outdoor Advertisement Media.

a)      Outdoor Advertisement Media (Hoarding, Sign ages, Logos and many more) aids our inner feeling to connect with the product. It amuses our Purchasing Power.  Effective use of our own outdoor advertisement media establishes us as a brand in the industry.

b)      Outdoor Advertisement Tools like – joining a professional forum, catching up with Industry Biggies on High Tea session, sharing our knowledge through - professional seminars, interaction sessions at college campuses, and mentoring paves our way to say “Yes, I am in”.

3)      Upgrading our Skills

a)  There is no amusement in viewing Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest structure) from the ground. We can uplift our skills and be the extraordinary Burj Khalifa, ourselves. The era when automation and artificial intelligence is hitting us, we can’t kill (virtually not organically) ourselves by sitting idle.

b) “We are growing in terms of money but not in terms of skills”. I have come across this famous quote on social media. I threw this question to many professionals and surprisingly 99 % respondents said that the quotation is right in their perspective (This data is purely based on my survey). This is really alarming!! If we want to avoid this situation in our life and stand tall like Burj Khalifa then we need to acquire relevant skills (as per the industry standards), audit our skills on regular basis and most importantly execute them practically according to the demands of the industry. So, stand tall in the queue and with our knowledge and view the world from the top.

4)      Create Social Media Presence.

a) In today’s era mere exploring the social media is not going to serve our presence, we need to prove our existence. We all are aware of the fact that Social Media is a great tool to showcase our skills to the world; but when it comes to execution, most of us fall flat. Recently I was speaking to one of the influencer (on LinkedIn) who has grown his followers organically from mere 300 to 7000 in just 7 months of time.

He expressed “I joined LinkedIn 10 years ago, and during these 10 years I was looking into it for searching jobs only. I didn’t get any response during these years. I was only interested in connecting HR professionals and Recruiters. My post views could be calculated around 5 - 10 views per post. Then I analyzed myself and framed my strategy of posting contents on LinkedIn.

I showcased what I am, what my interest is, what I am passionate about, what my skills and achievements are and overall what I am as a professional through my posts . I started getting results! my posts rose up to 50K views in a single day from 5-10 views. I have started getting recognition as a Professional and have made some wonderful connections apart from my functional areas. I have been pitched by many recruiters and HR for job openings (which I had been eyeing during these 10 years).”

This was the encouraging narration of this gentleman’s journey of his Personal Branding. We all can achieve that; it’s only to putting X- factor to our mind-set.

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CM Manjunath
CM Manjunath Dec 11, 2018 UTC
Succinct. Actionable. While this point is universal, it's a key factor for personal branding as well: Persistence.
Abhijeet Kumar
Abhijeet Kumar Dec 11, 2018 UTC
All about personal branding in a few words... Personal Branding, takes some hard work in the start but when it's time for results, you are up for a surprise. ??

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