The Significance of Career Management

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There has been an extensive evolution in the meaning of career management over the past few decades.

There was a time when people had fifteen-year plans and stuck to the same organization for a zillion years till they thought it was time to retire. If I talk about the ’60s & the ’70s, large firms like Eastman Kodak and IBM gave utmost opportunities to their employees to grow. However, in today’s time, there is no such clear route to promotion for many people who end up wandering from company to company in search for job satisfaction and a prosperous future.

There has been a big difference in what career management means to professionals now as compared to how it was perceived by baby boomers. Nowadays, people look at career management as an amalgamation of detailed planning along with in-depth strategies that one chooses for the betterment of his or her professional career. Moreover, the end results that one expects out of their vigorous career management activities are personal satisfaction, work/life balance, achievement of objective along with financial security.

That being the case, it has become incredibly essential to have your career managed the right way that can boost your professional career.

Career Planning – A subset of Career Management

Career planning is an essential part of career management. It refers to extensive strategic planning together with marketing in order to attain control of one’s future in the professional world.

As you all know that career is a lifelong thing which obviously needs to be examined from time to time. So basically, this re-assessment of skills, knowledge management, and development is what career planning is all about.

For instance, if someone wants to become a sales manager, he or she will make a deep evaluation of the income level, the marketability of the skills that they possess and also the expected professional growth. Now, after this estimation has been made, the professional shall look for an employer whose goals are closely aligned. And that, as a matter of fact, is not very tough to find as smart employers are eager to pay more for elevated expertise and shall support your career growth.

A Career plan is Important to both, the Employee & the Employer

As I mentioned above, in order to work for a particular firm, your goals must be in line with the company’s objectives. Believe it or not, employers are always on a hunt for capable employees and even if you are not from the same field but own the potential to show a good performance, employers are ready to get your goals in sync with the company’s targets by giving you support.

The Key to Strong Career Management

Generally, professionals who have their career management skills in place share a bunch of common attributes that are extremely attractive for employers. Firstly, they all have clear-cut goals about what they want to become in the future which are realistic in nature. They also own a great sense of confidence and have a habit of exhibiting solid leadership skills.


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