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When I decided to write on this topic some questions cropped up in my mind “Why I am writing this?”Is it relevant to practical scenario? “ Then “Booster” came into my mind. “Booster” was a device used in the early 80’s to set a better picture quality in a Television Set. This technology existed up to 90’s in India after that it got obsolete. I felt connected with Boosters to see the better picture quality of life. May be HD version!! Then the questions come to my mind “Why not to add these Boosters in our corporate life” and how do you measure your success?

Let add these Boosters to boost your Career-

Stop Presuming, Be practical

Have you ever been carried away by Companies Page 3 Gossips? The so called Hot Lady Secretary of boss is running the company by her means. She is going to decide who is going to be promoted in this appraisal cycle. Stop day dreaming, this is very much dangerous for your career.

I want to narrate a small story of my friend in this context - who had been victimized of Presuming

My friend was working in a manufacturing unit and due to change of technology the company was doing rightsizing. The unit was shedding away shop floor manpower on regular basis. Soon rumour spread across the company that company is going to shut down within 6 months of time, all the persons will be asked to leave sooner or later. My friend gave resignation (as he came to know from the inner source that his name was in the Hit list). Till now the company has not laid off any official staffs. My friend was jobless for six months before he got new jobs.

These Inner Sources are persons sitting mostly in the head offices and on the clerical posts (non- managerial levels), they assume themselves as a PA to Prime Minister and decide everybody’s faith in the organization .Most of the distractions at workplace come from these presumptions. Why do we need this? Don’t we have faith in ourselves?

Be practical and think in logical way because- your manager will think like a manager, his boss will think like a boss. Everybody has a different thought process according to hierarchy levels. Manage your boss strategically- but don’t ever try to think what will be his next move or actions? Stay focussed in your work and avoids distractions. Sometimes too much thinking leads you to accident. Try to join your nerves with Practical Fibers.

Snatch the Opportunity

Snatching is a negative word in our dictionary. From the childhood our parents have refrained us from snatching -be it snatching tiffin’s at school or snatching toys of others. “You know Dinesh, Life has an amazing story line, synonyms become anonyms and anonyms become synonyms” My ex- boss downloaded this reel life message to me. No one is right and No one is wrong in this world, it’s all about who is best in the situation he undergone. Why I have used this word “Snatching”? I might sound negative but reality speaks .Corporate world is like playing football match – no one will give you an inch to take the ball from them. You need to snatch, dribble and skillfully put the ball into the Goal. I know one ex- colleague of mine who denied promotion (because he thought that he was not prepared at that point of time). His new boss came and he fired him within 6 months. Nobody cares and looks after you in the Corporate except” you”. Always be ready to take snatch the opportunity from others. You could do so by saying these three magical words “Yes, I can”. The power of “Yes I can” is so powerful that you could defeat the most competent members of your company. Don’t hesitate to say “Yes” even if you are not sure about the thing. I repeat “even if you are not sure about the thing”.   Saying “Yes” shows Altitude and Commitment to your works not the results. Snatch the ball else somebody from opponent side will score the goal. 

Be A Useful Employee

Don’t be a good employee, be an useful employee. Good employees always consider as an average, mediocre who are doing well only. If you want to spice up your career, and to become a pilot of your own career flight then be an useful employee.

Mentioning below some bullets point which will lead you to an Useful Employee-

  • Give priority to company’s process, rather than your knowledge. (you acquired)
  • Adhere your company’s rules and regulations. (Discipline is more than competency)
  • Be adaptable to any situations.
  • Always be a learner, and show your acquired skills in your workplace.

What Boosters are you using already? Write more Boosters on Comment Section.

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