The Advantage of Online Test Proctoring

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To start the article with a description of how technology has impacted our life will be a perfect example of a cliché. Letters were replaced by emails and they are getting thrown over by instant chats. The reason will be the sheer economy and ease of it. Online proctoring is to test what chatting is to communication today. But, then the reliability of a test written in ink – it is one big shoe to fill.

The good thing about traditional proctoring was that it made you travel to places and made you alter your routine as the fixed test timings. And while you are counting the joys of traditional methods, do not forget the perishable paper and ink and a paper-thin security structure.

The entire premise of online proctored exam takes a different and much secure approach than the conventional setting. It removes the basic human error. The verification process takes into account multiple identity parameters that include biometrics to eliminate any scope of error. Even when the test center is your home, the verification exhibits unmatched integrity.

Continuing education needs a flexible study schedule. The catch, up to now was the exam schedule. There can be numerous physical restraints that demand a flexible place and time. Traditional proctoring needs a mutually convenient time for both parties. And the timing and the venue are not always convenient. Most of the online proctored exams provide you with a login and password. You open the page in the browser, or they come with software that can be installed in the system. The time starts whenever you start and ends ‘T+n’ hours from the starting point.

The questions come with necessary visual or writing aid if and when necessary. Most of the proctoring services store the data from your test in an encrypted format. So, your responses remain safe and with Metadata, it is ever retrievable. Many of the tests have a feedback mechanism and AI that is coupled with machine learning. Over time it understands student patterns and adapts to provide an intuitive experience. It takes note of learning patterns and makes the test experience better with every trial. In terms of reliability online test proctoring scores high. They create a student profile and the tests remain that are accessible for examiners in read-only format.

With encryption, flexibility, and integrity online test proctoring surely ranks high when it comes to modern test procedures. And the application is not just limited to continuing education, but they have made their way into college programs. The deciding factors in its favor weigh high. Online proctoring has no seconds when it comes to objectivity. It negates the biases and lapse of judgment of traditional proctoring. There is no chance of the loss of transcripts because of the online backup. Online proctoring is sure turning out the norm when it comes to testing and maintaining the integrity of the transcripts. And the technology is evolving even as we speak. What is your take on it?

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