Top 10 Must Have HR Policies and Forms for Organizational Setup

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Grand success of any organization is dependent upon the crystal clear and effective HR policies. Prior to the setup procedure of any of the businesses, dedicated expertise must be focused to create conversional HR policies for organizational businesses.

It does not matter whether the business is in small or the massive scales, one thing which need to be focused for making the business globalized is the quality rich HR policies and strategies. 

With implementation of the effective HR policies and forms, rights of the employers are protected and clear cut ground rules are made reserved for the employees as well.

Let us have a detailed discussion upon top 10 must have HR policies and forms for organizational setup with the following list of points:-

1.  Health, work and safety based policy: It has been noticed with most authentic and reliable sources that the injuries at the workplace has a negative impact upon the productivity. Moreover, the cost of searching for a replacement as well as the sick pay obligation is also affected.

One of the key factors to ensure high end safety policies and the responsibilities of all the employees is assured with WHS policies. The assurance of all the concerned factors has a positive outcome upon the success of the business.

2.  Policy based on harassment, bullying and discrimination: Employers are made legally responsible for their acts related to harassment, bullying or discrimination. Genuine reasons for taking disciplinary steps against the employees even sometimes result negatively for the employers.

In order to keep the employers safe and sound from all such unwanted happenings, such policies must effectively be constructed and implemented. If the employees are made aware of the laws, rules and regulations concerned with raising the issues against them, negative possibilities will be there for legal litigations against the innocent employer.

3.  Code of Conduct: Code of conduct is one of the most important factors for establishing and setting up employee’s standards of behavior inside the organization. This basically includes the issues including dress code, punctuality, mobile phone uses as well as the genuine usage of the organizational properties under the provided limitations.

Already constructed organizational code of conduct helps in managing the unacceptable conducts inside the organizational campus as and when it rises. 

4.  Leave Policy: Leave policies prove extremely beneficial to be included under the HR policies and forms for organizational setup. Such policies involve the ‘blackout’ time slots during the busy and hectic organizational schedules.  Additionally, the increased notice periods are assured for the employees applying for leave. This document is considered as the backbone of the organization for consistent developments with dedicated manual efforts of the employed staffs.

5.  Grievance Policy: Workplace disputes raised under the developmental setups are dealt with grievance policy. This acts as one of the most important tool for the employees helping them to understand the required steps to be followed during dealing with any sort of complain. Each and every small or the large business enterprise must prioritize this policy to resolve the problematic issues in future. 

6.  Disciplinary policy and performance counseling: Performance handling and management is one of the extremely delicate processes within any business which must be taken care of with assurance. The policy proves extremely beneficial in assisting the remaining compliant concerned under the necessities of procedural fairness. Moreover, the dedicated guidance over unwanted acts are also concerned in association.

7.  Policy concerned under internet and e-mails: With consistent increase in technological developments, it is extremely essential to keep an eye over the developments concerned with internet and e-mail. In other words, keeping an eye on inappropriate internet usage is desirable to authenticate the technological procedures. This policy defines the protocols concerned with inappropriate use of internet resources under the organization. In addition, the consequences in case of the misuse of the defined norms are also specifically mentioned.

8.  Social media policy: This policy is beneficial to make a brand of the concerned organization over social media. It is noticed that the delicate line drawn between the personal and the professional network can become light in case of the misuse of the social media like important advertising tool. It is therefore essential to understand the protocol and accordingly set up the advertising like campaigns to globalize the brand.

9.  Privacy policy: Employers have the sole responsibility to keep the entire data and information of the employees and customers safe and secured. With this reliability, the customers get attracted towards the organizational business and invest their capitals. Following the issues, the organizations must ensure the privacy policy to help the customers assured regarding the safety of the provided information. This policy make the customer’s mind clear and help them understand that which of their information can be made public. Accordingly, they decide their further needful steps.

10.  Drugs and alcohol policy: The illegal absorbance of the alcohols and drugs inside and even outside the organizations makes the employees unsafe leading to multiple accidental injuries. Policy concerned with the issue is must to be developed by the organizations for assuring the safety, security and reliability of the concerned.

To cap it all, organizations must ensure dedicated HR policies and forms and accordingly let their employees aware about the details concerned. Any of the organizations supporting the architectural setups of the above mentioned policies is guaranteed to lead towards the way of success without facing any legal issues. Moreover, the employees will themselves be aware enough and make their activities limited which can lead to the unnecessary policy violations. The top management of the organizations will be confident enough in making their business fruitful without any doubts. Employees working under the roof will also act as one of the most important advertising resource for the companies assuring all the essential protocol for the organizational developments. The article can be gone through in detail to individually understand the depth under each and every single organizational policy for further needful.


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