How to surmount the fear of your first interview?

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When kids fabricate adult life, they group together pertinent fields of interest and envision a striking profession for themselves. However, entering adult life literally is a distinct matter altogether. We get to know of the callous realities of this world and come face to face with our insecurities. Self-doubt starts taking its root in our conscience as it leads to a crippling fear of appearing in interviews. Not all of us are scintillating achievers who could land their dream jobs after graduation in a jiffy.

No matter what social media or anyone else tells you, it is common for fresh graduates to feel this way but the paramount question still remains. After all, it is complicated to deal with the curious eyes and staggering questions of our prospective interviewers.

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During the course of our education, we barely get to read about practical tips like paying attention to our body language during interviews. But as arduous as changing this anomaly of our education system is, we can follow some convenient ways to slay the dragon called “the first interview”. Let’s explore these easy to follow and practical pieces of advice to ace one’s first interview like a pro:

1. Make your own resume and showcase your personality to avoid apprehensions:

Getting someone else to make your resume is an enormous mistake and you must avoid it. You should have an idea that what recruiters look in your resume at first glance. A resume should be written in your own words so that you can maintain your stance in the interview. Using fancy language and failing to communicate likewise will hamper your confidence. Additionally, writing it on your own will make you self-assured. Exceptional online tools like Google Drive are at your service if you’re stuck during the resume making process.

While we’re at it, it is relevant to subtly showcase your personality traits. For instance, if you’ve added patience to the list, make sure to wait gracefully without fidgeting until you’re asked a question. Stay in line with your resume and you will probably land the job.

2. Practice with mock interview questions and try to visualise the experience

Start prepping yourself at least ten days before the interview date. Ask your sibling or parents to help you in this endeavour. Make a list of probable questions and let someone interview you. Include questions like “Why are you looking forward to working in this company?”, “What does an ideal organisation include according to you?” or “What is your biggest setback and how would you work on it?” etc. Interviewers are seasoned executives who’d try to figure your personality out and you’ve got to be prepared. Read up interview stories on the internet for positive answers.

Don’t fret if your answers are not extraordinary. Honest and conscientious answers are always preferred over artificial ones. Another thing that you can do is to imagine the experience in your head every night before you sleep. Fabricating it in your head will help you handle reality in a better way.

3. Join organisations which help in public speaking for exuberating confidence

If you struggle with public speaking extensively, join a course to aid you. Many organisations take group discussions as a parameter to judge your calibre. Institutions all around the country offer affordable and efficacious courses to assist you. Joining these courses will not only help you in acing the interview, but you’ll also be able to communicate better with your colleagues and managers properly.

If you struggle in speaking English profusely, taking English speaking classes could also prove to be miraculous. Focus on the communication part for this will be the deciding factor. Check this list of the best public speaking institutions of India.

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4.  Volunteer at non-profit organisations to step out of your comfort zone

It is impractical for all of us to have a humongous group of friends and hence, the social circles could be limited. Nervousness in making contact could lead to the formation of a misunderstood expression and to avoid it, one must step out of his/her comfort zones. Now, for doing this you need a secured environment and what’s better than volunteering at non-profits?

Volunteering at an organisation with social relevance will let you explore the world and manage unprecedented situations. You’ll soon find your socially anxious self transforming and that’s exactly what you need to overcome the fear of the first interview.

5.   Ask people around for their interview stories and note things down

Believe it or not, nothing could be more beneficial than listening to first-hand experiences. Get in touch with your elder siblings, your friend’s contacts or anyone who has had some corporate experience. Sit with them or connect on a phone call to ask away your doubts. In fact, note down tips on how to control your body language from them. For a more extensive list of do’s and dont’s of body language, check this guide out.

There’s nothing wrong in asking for assistance and trust me, we’ve all been there. Reach out and work on your conduct accordingly.

6.  Tell yourself that this is just one of many opportunities and reach on time

Things tend to go haywire when we start pressurising ourselves blatantly over a corporate job. The more pressure you’d put on yourself, the more it’ll show during the interview. In order to control your nerves, train your brain to believe that you will eventually find what’s meritorious for yourself. This is just one of the experiences and no matter what happens, you will give your best. If you could believe in Santa for years, you can believe in yourself for thirty minutes!

Also, make it a point to reach on time. This is archaic advice but significant nonetheless. Reach at least fifteen minutes before time and let your brain observe its surroundings.

So, here are the six tried and tested tips to help you beat the stress of your first interview. Follow them and let us know how they turned out for you. HRDGuru would like to wish you all the luck for this exciting phase of life!

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