Hard Work And Destiny Go Hand In Hand

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Being born into a rich family, Amit never knew hard work and perseverance. He always got what he needed without asking for it. He became a spoilt brat. He wasted money on his friends and his selfish needs. Amit never helped poor people and used to pass his time with his friends. As years went by, Amit’s father Rahul became worried regarding the handling of his business. Amit was his only child, and he was very irresponsible. In his hands, the company would go in a loss.

A lesson to learn the importance of money

Rahul knew that he had to do something to teach Amit the importance of money. At his 21st birthday, Amit got many gifts. He was having a gala time when his father called out for him. Amit’s father told him that now he has become an adult and he will have to start taking responsibilities. He further added that all his cards had been blocked and he will not get a single rupee from his father.

Amit couldn’t digest the information. He was used to a luxurious life, and now he will have to work hard. Amit pleaded and cried, but Rahul had made his decision. He even tried blackmailing his mother emotionally it didn’t help him. He was devastated. All his friends left his company which added to his misery. That point he came to know all his friends were there for his money.

The journey towards becoming self-reliant

Amit understood that nobody would help him to come out of this situation and he’ll have to become self-reliant. He was determined to make his own money. First, he roamed around his city. This helped him gather information about the market and the individuals. Amit was not accustomed to taking anyone’s order, so doing a job was out of the question for him. He wanted to build a start-up. But he realised he needed funding. To raise funds, he took up a corporate job. He had a good degree and therefore got the job easily. But as a starter, he was given tough and odd jobs. On his first day of work, he realised how hard it is to earn money.

He felt bad that all these years he had wasted his father’s hard earned money. That day he decided he won’t go home without becoming a successful entrepreneur. He met Shailesh in his office, who also wanted to start a startup. They both thought of becoming partners. Shailesh and Amit worked for a year in that company and gathered enough money. They opened a café named Choco. It was very difficult to get customers. To attract customers, they even started a social media page. After six months, their business began to flourish. This was because they started working hard physically and mentally. They started hiring chefs who could make fusion desserts. They made sure that it was the best in their city.

Hard work never goes into waste

After two years, Amit bought a 1-BHK flat with his own money. The happiness and satisfaction that he felt were beyond anything. He went home that day and narrated the whole incident to his father. His parents were overwhelmed, and his father wanted to hand over his business and told him to shut his café. But Amit told that his partner would take care of the café along with him. This way he will be able to handle both his business.

After a few years, his father died. But instead of crying, he made a vow to his father that he will never let his business sink. He will work day and night to make the company reach new heights. Amit kept his promise, and his company began to achieve popularity in the whole nation. His café also flourished, and along with Shailesh, they opened two more branches in the city. Everything was going well.

Even now when Amit sits with his father’s photo in his hand, he thanks him for his teachings. He never wastes a single rupee without thinking and also gives frequent charity. Hard work not only tuned his destiny but also made him a  kind man.

Moral- Fruits earned through hard work will always taste sweet.

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