Burn Yourself to Fly High

Updated: Feb 17, 2019 UTC
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"I want to leave the job; I have been screwed up here." One of my known person (who had just started his career) told me.  I answered “Its good place for you so stay there" . He couldn't control his emotions and replied "If you don't want to help me, Its OK, but don't make fun of my conditions". He hanged up my phone and didn't call me in Two years. In this Christmas Eve he ranged me after a long haul of Two years. He wished me and told me that - " Sir, sorry I didn't understand what you wanted to tell me before 2 years. I didn't leave the company, not because you told me so, because I didn't get the Opportunity. Sir worst situation taught me to become a tougher guy, now I am a Manager and handle a team of 50 Employees and have successfully delivered some important projects for my company. I am hoping for an International Assignment this year.

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So, Bad Bosses  and Situations are actually blessing for us.

Dare to face Fire

World terms "Hero" to the person who save lives when a house is burnt. So, never afraid of fire. Shahrukh Khan once in an interview reveals that - he became superstar by doing films which were rejected by the Superstars of that era. Rotten fruits are hard to digest but once you digest the same then you could digest any food. Just change your perception.

Always raise the toast First

I remember during my school days one of my friend always used to raise his hands to every questions asked by our class teacher. Though maximum times his answers used to be wrong, but he never missed a chance to raise his hand. We used to laugh at him. Now the scenario has changed completely, he is more successful than most of my classmates (including me). He learnt the lesson of rejection  at an early age of his life. Don't think of getting out while hitting sixes in a cricket match.

Accept, Adapt.

I will illustrate the above statements with three situations-

Accept :

Sunder Pitchai (CEO of Google) joined Google way back in 2004, when people hardly knows Google and in 2015 he was leading Google (the world's most innovative company). He joined Google from McKinsey (industry stalwart) Sunder Pitchai in an interview revealed that - he joined Google on 1st April 2004, the day when Google launched G-mail. G-mail needs no introduction now, it has created a history in IT industry.

If you believe in an idea, then jumped into it, history will be created.  Welcome the opportunity with Flower Bouquets.


I find many executives struggle to make their existence in a new organization. It is not the matter of their skills and competency, it's the new environment, new processes that haunts them. We all learnt about the definition of the term called “Adapt", but when it time for execution we generally fall flat.  I remember I cried a lot after I left my school because I feared of losing my school environment and friends. I hardly attended any class during my first year of college. I was completely at loss because I was expecting the flavors of school in my college. With full of anxiety and curiosity in my Life's kitty I went to my English Teacher to search the answers of my life. "Dinesh, we don't ride bike at the same speed, though we like it. We adjust our speed according to traffic. This is called "Adaptation". If we don't adjust speed according to traffic then we end up with accident. So to avoid accident we have to adapt the situation."- He answered. What a crisp and clear definition. We change jobs, get a new assignment, expose to new environment but we find it uneasy to accept the changes in our life. We expect that our life would be the same, as it existed. Think adaptation as a part of life and see the difference.

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