Why Multitasking is a Myth?

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Multitasking is a myth engaged in downsizing the human brain with massive wastage of time. In general, human beings believe in optimizing efficiency and productivity at every single moment by being strong multi-tasking personnel. The extent of belief goes up to a level where the humans predict only those persons as successful who are the great multi-tasking expert.

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However, the fact must be understood in the sense that there does not exist anything like multitasking for being successful in life. Meeting with over hectic schedules and keeping life extremely disturbed puts us to a level where the mind cannot think anything creative.

Any of us can actually multitask in the case of occurrence of any of the following situations:-

  • The task in addition to the primary one must of second nature. It can be understood in the sense that no real efforts are required to complete such tasks. It may be simple like drinking coffee along with the primarily focused work, chewing gum, etc.
  • Involvement of different brain processes for the accomplishment of individual tasks. For example, We can obviously enjoy classical music while studying the book. However, if we prefer to listen to the music along with the lyrics, it might be possible that we may not get able to grab as much information as earlier.

Brain feels incompatible to process more than one task at a time. Following similar circumstances, both reading and listening to the songs with lyrics make the brain’s language center activated resulting in not grabbing up the desired information as earlier.

Most of the time, we feel like being engaged in multitasking activities. However, it is not the case as we always use to switch from one task to another simultaneously. This state of the brain’s activity makes human beings confused with multitasking procedures.

Problems associated with multitasking:

The human brain is well equipped to process multiple channels of information simultaneously. Accordingly, we do not feel irritated to involve or mix up one of our activities with another. Understanding the strategy, we feel comfortable walking while talking and listen comfortably to the music while reading books or newspapers. However, it is suitable to understand that we feel comfortable if either or both of the targeted tasks are of low intensity.  The human brain feels relaxed in getting in touch with the tasks at a time without any troubles.

However, it is feasible to understand the following problematic issues while getting in touch with multitasking activities:-

  •  As per the studies and researches are done by American Psychological Association, soon after switching from one task to another, the transition process becomes rough and did not remain smooth for a long time.
  •  Lag time gets noticed very often while shifting up the brain’s concentration among the various assigned tasks. The process takes time when the brain feels like being in the stage of seamlessness.
  • Humans believe that time gets saved while keeping the brain involved simultaneously in more than one task. However, this is not the case at all. As per the facts and figures from the reliable and authentic agencies, approximately 40% more time is taken than concentrating upon one single task at a time.
  • The persons who feel like great multitaskers actually commit severe mistakes which a single task accomplishing person cannot ever think as well.
  •  Multitasking like activity dumbs us down the deadline. The research has shown that there is a drastic drop down in the IQ of the person while being engaged in multitasking-like activities.
  • As per one of the research papers published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, the productivity of the human being even gets slowed down by 40% during involvement with multitasking-like activity.
  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders in Maryland inferred that the stress levels of multitasking individuals are unexpectedly higher as compared to the common population who prefer to work with a single task at a time.
  •  Impairment of brain functions and longer brain issues can be noticed who use to make their mind engaged in multitasking activities for a long time.

Reasons for getting involved with multitasking activities:

  • Multitasking is nothing more than addiction. As per the studies and researches, multitasking activities open the door for the release of Dopamine and initiates to activate almost similar pleasure points inside the brain which gets activated by Heroin addicts.
  • Our human mind does not want to miss any of the information within the scheduled time slot. Accordingly, we get habitual to enjoy being involved with multitasking activity at a time. Fear of missing out makes us dominant in grabbing all the stuff at a time resulting in multitasking.

To cap it all, stopping multitasking activities must be initiated by us for keeping ourselves safe and sound from further problematic issues. The facts discussed above are sufficient to make you all convinced that multitasking is a myth and accordingly must never be practiced. It is obviously better to get your mind and body intact with one single piece of work at a time for better mind refreshment.

It is desirable to keep your focus upon one single activity at a time and switch over to the next one after successful accomplishment. Understanding, analyzing, and implementing the things will make you noticed with an amazing increase in the level of productivity with increased potential as well. Moreover, being concentrated on a single piece of work will even be beneficial in maintaining long-lasting relationships. You even will not entertain a person who is talking with you and doing another activity like reading the e-mails at the same time. It will make you feel ignored and irritated as well.

Hence, it is definitely better to concentrate upon a single task for availing multiple benefits and added advantages. The entire best set of explanations has been done in the article with complete details and facts under various headings in the association.

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