Dress to impress: Your guide to dress-up for an interview

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Interviews are much more than drafting a stupendous resume and excellent communication skills. In the first 7 seconds of your interview, the HR executives are already done making their first impression about you. As intimidating as it sounds, it’s fairly easy to curate a favorable impression. This is where dressing appropriately comes in. When we say that you must put enormous effort into styling yourself for an interview, we mean every word of it. No matter how easygoing the organization is, clearing an interview requires impeccable dressing.

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Dressing guide Females

With a plethora of attractive options out there, one must wonder at the sheer impossibility of choosing the accurate colour. However, it isn’t as laborious as one might make of it.

To avoid:

1. Excessively bright colours – Colours like orange might work wonders for parties but they don’t fit well in the interview process. An ideal first impression shouldn’t be excessive but one with poise and seriousness

2. Messy hairstyles – Messy hair are trending and there’s no way any female could avoid being amazed by them. However, during an interview, one must look professional and credible

3. Numerous and flashy accessories – Subtlety is an art in itself and is highly valued during interviews. Wearing numerous or glittery rings or bangles can be counterproductive as the executives might call it reckless

4. Uncomfortable clothing- As we mentioned in our previous blog, confidence is the key to landing your favorite job. Wearing clothing that is too tight would contribute to hampering your poise. Discomfort is difficult to avoid and the executives take it as a definite sign

5. High heels/shabby footwear – Walking confidently without falling is necessary to build an impressive and high heel that could ruin your chances of it. Identically, shabby footwear is seen as a sign of ignorance and unorganized demeanor which could be calamitous to your aim

6. Dark makeup - By this, we do not mean that red lipstick is prohibited but pairing it with equally bright blush or eye shadow is. Conversely, not putting any mascara or kohl in your eyes might make them look puffy and unprepared

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To embrace:

1. Conservative pantsuits – Wearing archaic pantsuits would be an optimum option during interviews. Not only are they comfortable and airy, but they also provide an unparalleled vibe of professionalism

2. Deep colours/pleasant combinations- For your pantsuit, choose dark blue, black, or even grey colour options. Additionally, if you want to make a lasting impression, pair the dark pantsuit with a light coloured shirt and vice versa

3. Knee-length skirts and shirts- For those who abhor wearing suits, choose a knee-length skirt in a dark colour and pair it with a light coloured shirt. This combination spreads the aura of authority, confidence and self-awareness.

4. Neat buns/ponytails- Instead of leaving your ravishing locks open, try putting them up in a bun or a ponytail. When we say ponytail, we mean the adequately collected type

5. Wedges/formal shoes- Wedged heels might not be your favourite party choice but they’re marvelous as they will provide unprecedented comfort. Formal shoes go great with pantsuits and if you don’t want them, average heeled sandals can seal the deal

6. Balanced makeup – If you’re going for plum lipstick, be sure to accentuate your eyes with a lighter shadow. Avoiding smokey eyes is the best way to go and similarly, keeping your eyebrows usual is advisable

7. Clean shoes and minimal accessories – Pairing your professional look with adorable and small earrings looks legitimate. Maintaining an aura of cleanliness with fresh-looking shoes and ironed attire is advisable as well

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Males are not immune to blunders even if the options are fewer. Don’t fall prey to spurious advice flooding the internet and follow the unimpeachable tips given below.

To avoid:

1. Embroidered shirts/ill-fitting pants- An interview is a matter of your future and so, you must say no to embroidery. Wearing loose or extremely tight pants would only contribute to making you and the executives uncomfortable

2. Messy hair – It might take you fifteen minutes to get ready but on interview days, take thirty. Avoid messy hairstyles and opt for well-settled and credible hair

3. Shabby shoes – A pair of black formal shoes might be your lucky charm but if they’re shabby or torn, leave them at home for the sake of an enticing impression

4. Sports shoes – No, sports shoes do not go well with anything you might wear to your interview. Keep them stashed for lighter days

5. T-shirts/skinny jeans – If you value the comfort of t-shirts, compromise with it for a day and wear a tailored shirt instead. Skinny jeans would do its part in making you look careless and unappealing

6.  Fancy ties/belts – A tie could be many things but never bright orange and elegant. Even if your job role isn’t administrative, opting for eccentric ties or belts is considered disastrous

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To embrace:

1. Dark suits- A good three-piece suit never goes out of style and is adequately professional. Consider colours like blue or black.

2. Plain ties/simple belts- Less is more when it comes to ties or belts. Try to match your belt with shoes to make an impeccable impression

3. Trimmed beard and suiting hairstyle- Trim your long locks if it’s an executive position and if you pride yourself on having a perfect beard, even it out first

4. Pleasant combinations – Go for a dark coloured suit with a light coloured shirt and make sure all the buttons are intact

5. Shirt and tailored trousers – If three-piece suits are ludicrous for you, choose a tailored shirt and a pair of trousers. Don’t let your ankles shine and assure the appropriate length of the pants

6. Formal shoes – There’s simply no way out of this one. Polish your formals and make sure they match the outfit

Here are our unimpeachable tips on how to dress for interviews. Share it with someone who needs help and follow HRDGuru for more stupendous articles.

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