How to answer those tricky questions in interviews?

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Introvert or not, there’s one part of the interview process that you can’t help but dread. Yes, we are talking about the laborious questions of interviewers that are bound to make you uncomfortable. Before diving deep into the topic, it is elementary to know that asking tricky questions is an integral part of an interview. Without them, the executives wouldn’t be able to figure out your response to challenging circumstances. Hence, instead of blatantly blaming the complicated questionnaire, a candidate should search for innovative ways to deal with these tricky yet paramount questions.

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In order to figure out the optimum way to handle these questions, one must be aware of his strength and weaknesses alike. Let’s look into the science of acing interviews and innovate along the process.

  • Showcase your strength and take the high road

Before starting, we’d like to point your attention towards a significant idea – interviews are not supposed to be confession corners. No matter how much you’re provoked, you should never be too frank with your interviewers.

Being honest is a stellar idea and you must be conscientious while writing your resume. Marking skills like excellent communication and not justifying it during the interview will definitely hamper your chances of being selected. Include skills like patience and count it in your strength. Display the quality by letting the executives speak and don’t interrupt them in any case.


However, more often than not, the interviewer won’t be satisfied with observing your body language and would ask questions to make you sweaty. He or she might ask you about your previous experiences and negative ones at that. Questions like “Why did you get fired?”, “Was your manager too bossy?”, “What was the worst quality in your boss?” etc, are intricately designed to delve deep into your psyche. You must not let them overpower your judgment and maintain composure in such situations. Getting emotional or triggered and bad-mouthing your previous organization will only make you look unprofessional.


Instead of making a three-page list of why you hated your previous manager, talk about the areas he struggled in. For instance, instead of saying that he was ruthless, try saying that he was swamped with work and couldn’t control his temper due to that. Painting a sensitive yet professional picture is the need of the hour and one must swear by it.

Similarly, instead of pointing out each problem of your previous organization, handle the matter delicately. Say that you were fired because you couldn’t feel yourself grow in the said field and it reflected in your work or try saying that the work environment didn’t help as per your needs and it showed in your results. Avoid blaming anyone and try to give logical explanations so that the executives could entrust you with a position in this new company.

What if you’re a fresher?

If you’re a fresher, they might ask about the most embarrassing story that you’ve heard about the company. Yes, it is possible. Don’t give in to the urge of gossiping and steer clear of the situation that you don’t like to believe rumours. Say that you need to experience and see things from your own perspective to judge them and voila, you’re done! In case they ask about any such unpleasantness surrounding your teachers or previous internships, talk about them in a sympathetic way as mentioned above.

  • Own up to your weaknesses and talk about the company culture


If you’ve done your research or have given an interview before this, you are aware of the question “What is your biggest weakness and how do you plan on making it better?”. Well, there’s not one singular piece of advice for this one as it varies from person to person. They might also ask about an encounter that brought embarrassment or the time when you underperformed. They could also ask the archaic “Where do you see yourself in X number of years?” or “How do you see yourself in this company after 3 years?” question to test your metal.


Well, it’s not fair and it happens! Don’t fret or lose your stance and follow some simple and impeccable pieces of advice to assist you. For starters, do not go unprepared. Expect to hear at least one of the aforementioned questions and prepare authentic answers for all of them. For example, when asked about your biggest weakness, try to make it circumstantial. By this, we mean that you should link it to an improvement that can be changed, and hence, the weakness won’t inhibit your work performance. You could say that you can’t concentrate when there are people around you. It might sound insignificant but in corporate offices with hundreds of workers, this is a grave weakness which can be solved if you’re given a little space by yourself.

Another example could be regarding your issues with a short memory. Whatever you do, just add a pertinent solution to it. The interviewers are also humans and they must have some complications of their own. Knowing that a candidate is working hard to eliminate issues is assurance enough to hire him or her.

If asked about expectations and growth, you need to be cautious and measure your words mindfully. If you don’t have long plans with the company, say that you’re looking forward to working in a particular kind of environment with an example of your relevant skill sets. Talk about aspirations in terms of impact and let them know your vision for an ideal corporate. However, adding a ludicrous sentence like “I’d need to get video game breaks!” might sound like a light-hearted joke but it can backfire rapidly. Avert these unprofessional ways, especially if you’re a fresher and if your job is linked to creativity, find ways to be innovative without looking unprofessional.

So, these are our stupendous ways to combat any difficult question that might land your way. Do you find them viable and helpful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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