Top 10 Real Work From Home Jobs For Freelancers

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Feel of being an entrepreneur fulfills us with lots of confidence and equips us with the freedom to work without pressure and earn infinitely. Freelancing is one of the most growing and independent professions liked by individuals globally as it fulfills the personnel with increased profits and job satisfaction.

There does not exist any boss and hectic schedule in freelancing business, instead, the persons involved with their selected jobs/ tasks enjoy and entertain with their life as well. Whenever our passion becomes our profession and accordingly the income source generates, our life becomes heaven. A feel of positivity develops inside us to live more and more of our life being more passionate and dedicated towards our work.

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Let us discuss top 10 real works from home jobs for freelancers who are opted in massive number all around the world for good income as well as complete job satisfaction:-

1.  Selling your service on is one of the trusted freelancing websites existing in the world of the internet where the sellers like us have to submit our Gigs i.e Proposal for the project on the website. After signing up as a seller on, several individual work categories are seen listed on the website. Each and every work category on the website contains several assignments or projects to be done by the sellers. Time duration along with the required skills, the deadline of the project to be submitted, employer details and the amount to be paid after work completion are also made available on this website. The payment is guaranteed via this working platform and it is sent soon after the work submission using reputed paying platforms such as Payoneer, Paypal, Payza, etc. 

2. Data entry jobs: Data entry-based jobs are one of the easiest jobs ever which can be done by any individual having merely a little bit of computer operating knowledge. Such jobs do not require any technical expertise. Most of people all around the globe are making a decent regular income by doing data entry for several renowned platforms. Data entry can be further categorized into several subcategories such as document typing jobs, form filling jobs, etc. However, some reputed freelancing platforms are there such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc which offers such jobs to skilled individuals and pays handsomely for this. 

3. Online content writing jobs: Online article and content writing jobs are considered best for people who have a passion to write more and more about their selected category. Such jobs require strong writing skills with strong command over grammatical issues. The websites offering such types of jobs desire a strong writing skill within a limited time frame with the highest level of accuracy and to-the-point conversation about the topic.  Websites discussed earlier such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr offer such writing assignments to writers all around the globe.

4. Online captcha typing jobs: Captcha is a type of challenge-response test used in computing technology to test whether the person sitting in front of a computer is a human or not. Keeping in view the increasing demand for captcha in the field of Information Technology, the organizations such as,,, etc are offering captcha typing jobs to workers all around the world. They generally use to pay the amount ranging from 1$ or even more per 1000 correct entries of captcha in their database. 

5. Selling photographs online: Selling up of the self-clicked photographs online is another best way considered to generate a handsome income online. Individuals who are passionate to click pleasant and appealing photographs can choose this specific field of online earning. Shutterstock, iStockphoto, etc are a few of such platforms available online supporting people to do such activities and earn handsome income. 

6. Online URL shortening: URL shortening is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. No, technical skills are required to shorten the web URLs to earn money. There are several websites all over the world providing URL shortening services. Individuals are required to sign up by entering all their details with their website to make a profile. Soon after that, longer URLs from any of the websites can get shortened and shared to earn money. The more the URL gets clicked, the more income gets generated. 

7. Online surveys:  Websites such as Swagbucks, Toluna, Valued Opinions, etc are the most genuine platforms all over the world providing legit online surveys without any registration fees. Online surveys are a form of a questionnaire created as Web forms with a database to gather the answers from their targeted audience. Companies generally use online surveys to get an in-depth understanding of their customer’s opinions on any specific issue. The companies often sometimes want to gain feedback on some products launched by their side. 

8. Micro worker jobs: Micro jobs can be anything such as translating a small paragraph, tagging a photograph to our profile in social media, designing a quick logo, typing a few sentences or paragraph as per the formats provided, transcribing an audio file, or an interview, etc. Genuine and reputed websites offering Micro jobs free of cost are Amazon Mechanical Turk, Clickworker, Fancy hands, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. 

9. Working for PTC websites: PTC is referred to be as Paid to Click i.e. the PTC sites allow individuals to get paid by clicking on the advertisement and viewing them for a fixed time interval. Full-time single PTC site workers can expect a sum of 100 $ to 500 $ per month depending upon the site’s global reputation. Some of the well-established and globally reputed websites performing at their level best in this field are Clixsense, Neobux, Paidverts, etc. 

10. YouTube video creator: YouTube creators are often get paid handsomely for creating viral videos that get lots of views within the shortest time span. Videos are monetized by the individuals using the Google Adsense program following their specific terms and conditions. Advertisements are served by YouTube over the selected videos. Based upon the views gained over the videos, the creators are get paid using suitable payment methods.

To cap it all, it can definitely be stated that freelancing is gaining worldwide popularity due to the huge engagement of people all around the globe. It offers several independencies to the skilled professionals to live a life of enjoyment without any stress. Following lots of user-friendly benefits, all the above listed top 10 real work from home jobs for freelancers are noticed to gain worldwide attraction. People have even noticed leaving their full-time jobs and get engaged with such freelancing opportunities.

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