Industrial Accidents - An In-complex Understanding

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No Overthinking ; Every one of us knows that Accidents are an unexpected thing but sadly there is a hidden truth that most of the Accidents are avoidable since it’s manmade. There is a saying in cricket “Keep on practising the basics” which is applicable here too. Once we hear the term “Accident” automatically fear begins, yes accidents are dangerous, painful but we can avoid it effortlessly by brass tacks.

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Each and every individual is responsible for safety; all are equal stack holders of the output whatever it may be. No use in the blame game or fame game. Small ignorance, tolerance of errors and lethargic attitudes are only resulting in so-called accidents!

Clarify – Make it Simple:

Training on regular intervals will help much more in reducing Accidents which were not to create any panic sensation. Training sessions should be more interactive, simple and effective. Awareness creation is an important part of training.

Teaching is an art best teacher or trainer will never read PPT slides and dictate the meaning as it is, they will give relevant and lively examples to make the participants understand the concept even better.

Few days before also a school child saved so many lives by wiping cloth in water and made it as a mask to overcome oxygen inefficiency and breathing difficulty at the time of over smoking due to the fire broke out.

That is the real success of training.

At the end of training, they should at least know the answers of following questions

What are the possible hazards are on our campus?

How to Avoid Injuries?


Practice makes perfect, so we should analyze which is right practice and what should be removed. There will be standards for each and everything if so we should train our people to follow the standard operating procedures, if not we can make a standard with the inputs of our colleagues.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) may vary according to the domain and location of the business. Necessary equipment is sufficient not to dump all available stocks on stores. PPE’s can be helpful to reduce the effect of harm up to some extent it may not completely absorb the hazard.  Hence safe usage guidelines and maintenance tips to be given.

So what, What Next? :

There is no guarantee for any process or policy though we follow it seriously! Zero Accident zone is not an easy destination it’s a long process which needed more patience and positive attitude.

Unless we don’t go to the spot we cannot understand the exact scenario, blindly believing the reports and confessions lead to major chaos.

 If we ignore by telling “It’s not my job or it’s a job of EHS person” we may miss a major part in the production. So if an accident happens there is no profit in changing the face, we should be ready to face the change and challenge.

Manage the change:

Especially for safety-related professionals that will be the toughest time to tackle, until then, people use to hardly notice them but at this kind of situation, everyone will search them to fry.

To manage such a situation needs a lot of maturities and timely decision-making ability.

We have to do first aid to preserve the victim from excess blood loss or excessive moments.  There are more types of bleeding namely arterial bleeding, venial bleeding and capillary bleeding and so on.

At least one qualified “First-Aid” person at a shift is mandatory.  Nowadays such life-saving courses are deadly cheaper than the normal elementary student’s Abacus course fee.

We have to clear the gathering of people after that first aid then further steps according to the severity of the injury. As mentioned earlier we should be mentally prepared.

Due to the pain victim may abuse, their relatives, friends may scold or even more...

Best things are time consumable:

Normally basic filtering and magnification are not so tough but if we go deeper we can find lot complexity as well as learning. Similarly here also while we travelling above 80% result we have to face it.

The craft of Documentation:

Recording of Incidents, Near Miss and Accidents, are vital not only because of legal demand, but it can also help us to identify the trend and fix it as quickly as possible.

The habit of making notes of issues and fixture can improve the skill immensely, always written documents and registers are much more useful than soft copies.

Defiantly it is a huge learning curve and helps a lot to understand the humans and humanity.

Transfer your knowledge legibly:

Time is the best healer and experience is the best teacher, learning is a never-ending process which will give more progress and prospers, we can make a lot of simple and effective changes to our premises as well as a society too.

The fourth-dimensional view is very essential so we should encourage feedback and suggestions.

Let the Ego go… along with unwanted practices.

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