How to create an impressive one-page resume?

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Time carries an indisputable essence and even more so for the HR executives. After all, who has the time or patience to go through a million candidate profiles if each resume is a five-page-long document? According to Saddleback College Resume Survey, 47.7% employers want the applicants to submit a concise one-page resume. However, a more pressing question arises out of this dilemma and as a job seeker, one can’t help but wonder how to make the most out of this opportunity.

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Are you perturbed by this need of the employers and need guidance on how to draft a scintillating one-page resume? Well, we have just the perfect solution for you. Before commencing on our educational journey, it is pertinent to note who needs to frame this kind of a resume. These are the categories which could reap the benefits of a brief resume:

1. If you’re a fresher applying for a job, a one-page resume is quite important for you. Here are some immaculate tips for college graduates for making a unique resume

2. If you’re a professional with extensive experience who needs to apply to a renowned multinational organisation, a compact yet powerful resume is what you need

3. If you’re in visual designing and need to showcase your talent, a well-rounded and precise resume would ameliorate your prospects for getting hired

How to draft the perfect resume?

If you can’t seem to get it right in one go, do not fret. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither can an impeccable resume. Read these convenient steps and draft the most amazing resume without any hassle:

1.  Make a rough outline of what all you’re gonna include – Before starting, make sure to keep the pertinent documents nearby. Start with making a rough outline in Notepad or Microsoft Word. Give a decent structure to this document which will decide your future. Include things like basic details, educational background, work experience, skills etc

2.  Begin working on the first draft as soon as the outline is ready – The outline will basically tell you what to include and how to include it. If you’re still lost, follow this basic template or use the exemplary templates of Google Drive

3.  Start writing about your experience – Remember “Brevity is the wit of the soul” and this is what you want to convey to the organisation. Start with filling details which include your role in the previous organisation. If you’re a fresher, include internships, college societies or any other work that you have done. Trial and error is the way to go and you must fill out the experience chronologically. An organised resume has a charm of its own and you should begin with your latest experience, going backwards in time as the resume approaches its end.

4. Trim the unnecessary – It is a good thing to write about your college degree or diploma but more often than not, school education is considered extra baggage in the resume. Most companies do not concern themselves with your schooling years but if you do not have enough material to write on, you can try including the same. Similarly, going haywire with each professional experience is common as people tend to lose their vision. Do not write more than two lines about each organisation and cut anything that says something like “I was very happy/satisfied with company culture.” Focus on including your duties and your output

5. Include what’s relevant – We can’t stress this enough but you need to write what is pertinent to this new role that you’re applying for. For instance, if you’re going for an editorial position, including the experience of content writing or editing in your resume. In fact, here you can include your schooling years as an additional point if you’ve less to write about. If you’ve been involved with content writing or reading since the early childhood and have something to show for it, include it by all means

6. Use bullet points and do include hobbies, skills and awards – A short resume doesn’t mean a boring resume. Take some space to add skills which would prove to be applicable to your new position. For instance, a role in management would require skills like community management. Distinguish between qualities and skills as community management is the skill which is acquired but leadership is the quality that’s evident in your personality. If you’ve been certified by any institution include the same in the awards section of your resume. For hobbies, do not include watching Netflix or anything else until and unless you’re applying for the role in the mentioned company itself. Use your discretion and follow the same

7. Write in bullet points – Pointers are a better way to make your document look concise. Use bullets and adorn each sub-heading with two-three lines describing your job role as mentioned above. Bullets also make it easier for the executives to browse through the resume in a more convenient manner

8. Take help from an experienced source – HRDGuru is soon starting a personalised space where you’ll receive unprecedented assistance during resume making. Everything that you might need to make an exceptional resume would be included in this new feature

9. Include your social media links, portfolio links or links to published works – In order to grab the job via interview process which includes trick questions, you need to include your social networking links to let the executives have a sneak peek into your personality. Additionally, this compact resume must include your previous work links, portfolio links or Linkedin link for providing them with detailed information about your work life

Surmount the fear of making the excellent resume that is needed to impress everyone in the new company and for more advice on how to ace the interview, read this article by HRDGuru.

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