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Updated: May 03, 2019 UTC
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"Michael, could you please fix the issue - I am not able to give printout from my computer" I asked him. Like a Networking guy he told me to restart My PC.  Michael being a Networking guy tried to digged down the issue. When he couldn't be able to fix the issues after half an hour of trouble shooting he finally he restarted the computer. The problem got sorted out and I was able to give print from my computer. Life's psychology also resembles with our hanged window system.

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Follow your critique

"I smashed my manager, he is misbehaving with me.” One of the employees told me during a domestic enquiry conducted by me with an enquiry officer. When we zeroed down the investigation we found that - how this victim ruined his corporate and personal life by not handling his critique's properly. During my school days, my social science teacher used to say - Dinesh your best friend is that boy who bowled away your middle stumps from the pitch (during a cricket match). That bowler made you think of your batting style and you will go to your basic and correct it." People who jump with you in your success parties are important but the most important people are those who give you punch in your life. Hard punches make you tougher, so that you could give back the hardest punch. So don't unblock all your blacklisted persons from your life.

Everything is okay; Take a Call

You must have remembered the Ranchordas Shamal Das Chanchar (Rancho) from the movie Three Idiots. Rancho (being the topper of the college) left all of his friends when they were celebrating their graduation ceremony. Rancho sacrificed his dazzling corporate career to pursue his dream to become a scientist. The important point in Rancho's case was that - he took the decision of moving forward in his life when everything was set and going perfectly. We have a heard a common saying - ' Necessity is the mother of invention'. Let's change these common phrases and create necessity. Why to wait for the adversities to come upon you and then react, let's sit over the adversity and fight it out.

I have seen many professionals who start searching jobs when the situations get worded in their present company. Shift your thinking - start looking out for jobs when everything is OK. You will see the difference. Many exciting things come in your way when you are performing rather than when stuffs are not in your way.

Be a Toddler

" You know sir, My life has become monotonous and I don't find any challenges in my life " - An employee asked me in  a 'Chai Pe Charcha' ( an Informal discussion )  which I have been doing with my employees .I abruptly answered "Enroll a course you like the most, and meet me after a month. After Twenty days he came and said “Sir, I enrolled an online course of Auditing and now I am feeling great about it, my perspective towards life has changed".

To Energizer and to regenerate the power inside you always be a Toddler in the field of knowledge.

Passion Plus

Passion is the key driver of success.  A person with passion typically exudes confidence, and confidence creates value for themselves and others by leading the way, not showing the way. Passion creates excitement in our life and an excited person recreates or dour of a successful life.

I always suggest my employees to do some craziest passion to rejuvenate their life.

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