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Updated: Feb 18, 2019 UTC
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I wish to start…:

Nowadays seven among ten are saying “I would start my own business soon”.

A  lot of people have great ideas but “No Money” in other hand surplus of money but no clear picture about the venture, Apart  from both majority of who having both are having the fear of loss and loosing the fixed income.

In this fast world big things are easily available in EMI’s. Everything there is loan facility available from Bike to Bungalow. Initially it may appear as Easy monthly installment but later it become “Erasing My Income”

Due to such situations potential entrepreneurs are staying away due to their tight commitments.

Most of young business people are starting their own venture with proper planning but few of them are entering without preplanning.  The hidden agenda of Young Game changing  CEOs are working for my own instead of someone else  

Blocks-Bust it:

Even now at this rapid generation also most of the parents were not encouraging “Own business” means such an unethical or horror phrase for them.

Yes the reason behind their fear is the unpredictability of the success. Till now several parents motivating “Blue collar” or “Public sector” job.

Sadly there also low demand but surplus supply for few hundred govern job openings several million applicants!

By your Skill:

Entrepreneurs by skill is the trend of today, it started before decades “Tuition Teachers”  are the forerunners of it.

Now itself it’s a profitable helping hand without much investment but due to some aggressive profit seekers more mess into it. But Flower shop doesn’t need much marketing. Skill will speak more loudly.

Likewise Freelance trainers, HR Partners, writers and designers and marketers are rocking and revolving everywhere Jewelers designing become very hot, it’s a time killing task without proper skill we cannot get the unique result. 

Thing is we should know the market exactly then only our negotiations wouldn’t be too low or very high.

Olden golden ideas:

Photocopier shop, coffee soup vending machine, Computer browsing centers, Fancy stores, Grocery shop, Hotels, Vegetable shop those are might be outdated business ideas but still those are not bad ideas. Preplanning as well as managing the situational struggle is the only difference between the winding off and Moving on.

Two copies please:

Without investing on a new photocopying machine we can take it for lease with minimum advance, they will refill inks also. We have to pay for the total print out afterwards. If you have ready place near School or register office no need to wait you can make it smartly. Lowering investments are directly proportional to minimizing the loss.

Sir Aadhar card lamination:

Now Browsing centers are become public service centers, you have to register it and get the approval from municipality. Then we can put a board like “Aadhar card” lamination, Xerox, along with add on packages Pan, E-bill, Tirupathi tourism etc. 

Cut and pack:

Vegetables, Fruits, Milks are perishable so we have to plan the logistics and manpower’s properly. You have to be ready to sleep only in afternoon that too if your situation provides. Getting goods, sorting, supplying are bone breaking tasks. Arranging is most vital part here.

Discover opportunities around you:

One of my coworker is keen to do a unique business, he use to observe a lot as well as he had lump of ideas but he is not satisfied. One fine Sunday morning he went to fish market after few hour observation his mind sparked and cried “Eureka Eureka”.

  He chooses a place and formed a team and begins the “Vegetable Cutting” venture within a supermarket by charging per kilogram. 

He gives head covers, hand gloves and waists to his labors which create instant attraction that becomes a sensation there.

Nowadays all are working so no one having time to wash and cut the veggies!!!

Back to school:

All parents said at least one time like this “For paying this much fee to them, why can’t I start a Own school”, really very tempting idea for today fast paced life. Kid school with day care means double damaaka. There also lot of critical points. Child care is not an easy job as per our imagination, today kids are too sharp. A separate course is there for kid school, attractive franchise offers also available. Here also we have to plan our location, transports, man power very carefully.

Two Rotti parcel :

Food business is our so called Indian heritage, lot of wrong calculations in it due to non serious observation, once we received by customers sky is the limit. Before that a lot within it, don’t decide to open a “Mess” by fixing your area Hotel, it will leads mess. 

Bajji shop owner thinking that his IT job customer earning in five digit salary and enjoying much at the same time IT Employee use to think bajji wala earning six digit per month. Always opposite sides are greener.

No success comes in overnight, there might be more hidden efforts .Preparing food is an art., Serving is a craft. Receiving the customers is always on the top of their heart apart from the taste. 

Be lazy is it crazy:

According to the research laziness, humanity and Out of box thinking are the major reasons for an Invention or Innovation.

Our forefathers use to walk for miles we are raiding medium mileage bikes, Ola Share or Uber pool to avoid walking, especially online cab booking apps changed the riding history of our country upside down. Similarly Online stores, Malls … lot more to see

If we are unable to go to hotel means fancy door apps are here with ample of discounts and miscounts.

Know your Demography:

Another friend of mine use to purchase the waste cloths as bulk with maximum discount , then he use to repack in different sizes and supply to industries and shops in SIPCOT and other remote factory areas, Still he doing it successfully without spending much  time and investment.

ERP marketing, Training centers, franchise business, Agency needs a lot of preplanning. All franchise business is not bad we have to be very particular. Lot of Ice cream franchises are shutdown due to the lack of coordination. Words may vary according to the convenience so legal agreements are safer.

Own business means we have to understand that “I am the king as well as peon” mentally we have to be very fit. At least for initial phase “patience” is very essential. If the business is started for revenge, due to frustration, in  emotion or over imagination will end in a negative shade.

Standing up by you is the best option, but don’t delay it as well as don’t dive.

Government supporting:

Government of India having lot of schemes  to promote own business like Startup India , Make in India, Kushal vikas yojana , MSME training centers, CIPET trainings and so on.. Be aware and keep informed about the facilities and offers because no banks or any intuitions are telling or taking steps to reach it to the public.

Be Bold:

The Fate of “own Business” is not depends on family history or Astrology. A successful entrepreneur is the one who minimizing the loss. Lot of successful owners are sustaining due to their “Service”, “Quality” and “Honesty” ,Whatever you  do in your life be sincere and honest said by Sachin tendulkar which is very relevant here. The Success door  is not so far.

Around us a lot of opportunities are there, we have to think, analyze the likelihoods and proceed. If succeeded we are the king of our own kingdom, if not what next that’s all.

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