How to implement Employee Health Programs that really Work?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019 UTC
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Employees spend a good 8 to 10 working hours in the office every day which makes it logical for the employers to think of developing healthy behaviours that turn those hours into “the productive hours.” Corporate healthcare program ensures that the management has played its role but its effective implementation decides whether the investment is paying off or not by developing an organizational culture that change lives for good.

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Every company should have some employee wellbeing program in place which is efficient, smart, scalable, and goal-oriented. Here are a few ways you can implement these health and wellbeing programs for employees successfully.  

Analyse the baseline data before choosing the plan

You might not have the accurate picture of your employee overall health conditions. Is it the fitness program that will work or the weight-reduction classes, online doctor consultation for general assessment, or a combination of all?

Conduct a survey to understand the pain area and offer a healthcare plan that caters to their immediate health needs.

Ensure inclusiveness

The plan you offer should conclude that the employees are valued. Keep it simple to make them understand and participate in it actively. Also, your endeavours should never reflect that the corporate health initiatives are only to reduce the healthcare cost of the company. Rather it should be presented as an initiative that nurtures healthy employer-employee relationship.

Come up with a plan that cares for your employees in the office and their families at home as well. Your plan should be inclusive of options that caters to all, including male, female, day shift or night employees. For example, an online doctor app, an offer on online medicine delivery, a stress-reliever session or so that can be introduced to all at a time. 

Prepare a communication plan

A culture of corporate healthcare cannot be realized without reinforcements. Prepare a periodic communication plan that introduces and reiterates the information with the employees effectively. You need to position healthcare plan at the forefront as something much bigger than just an HR initiative. If possible, get someone dedicated to this job who can become the voice of employee healthcare in your organization.

Introduce incentives

Rewarding employees for their health gains can push your program off the ground and encourage others to participate actively. This can bring a real shift in employee culture driving employees to long-term engagement in healthcare activities.

Workplace wellness implementation, if goes smoothly, can have profound effect on your company culture and turnover rates. Follow these recommendations and get started to see the wonders.

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