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Looking for the job since...

“Layoff” is the typical news often we are witnessing, contemporary career is not so smooth. It’s like a “roller coaster” ride.  Altogether many lose their jobs due to other decision like Merger, Acquisition, Government policies.  Change is changeless but facing such changes is not easy.

The most painful period is the gap between the No job levels to New Job zone

 “Go with your gut” attitude is pushing so many to quit the job without any further ready job or source, at the time of notice period hope rays are too high, but sadly after full and final settlement... those ray become grey.

Very little time only dare will do the favor! Hardly very few only deliberately lose the job and sit idle.

Don’t relay too much on the past:

The job is very essential for everyone irrespective of gender and class, not only for the wage it will help us to be fit mentally, an idle mind is evil’s factory.

Normally if someone is not in a job means it will add a lot of complications in their further job searches too… “At present?”  Will be the foremost question.

Successful persons will use any opportunity into their favor.  So feeling, self-pity will not work at that kind of situation.

Self-made troubles:

Most of the time we are inviting the trouble, by informing everyone.  All are having their own hell and heaven within them. Someone asks “Till you didn’t get a job” in the right sense also hurts severely.

Most of the time Zipped mouth is very helpful rather than the open mouth.

The internal feeling will be more, the fear of the upcoming timeline is similar to all, Over thinking of future may ruin the present. Constructive mindset is very essential in such conditions.

Faking the profile leads to the disaster! , So don't listen to such bits of advice.  Nowadays Background verification's are more streamlined so “honesty is the best policy” forever

Arrest the Internal Bleeding:

Hiding entire emotion is also not very easy, so share to a life partner, parents or friend. Normally getting off from the job is tough .imagine it as a vocational holiday try to finish the personal or Family Trips. Seeing new places and versatile peoples will boost your mind positively.

Choose your favorite book series and try to finish it, the feeling does not going to help you! Our reaction towards it will play the key role.

Check your previous emails slowly that too with a positive mindset, some earlier emails can help you to forward your profile.

Change your profile, Nowadays “single page” resume are trending. No one is creating bio-data with traditional objective, personal information and declarations.

Optimum utilization of the time:

We can utilize that short gap by pursuing the Dream course. There is a huge difference between Courses which we liked or it will help the progression of career and a course choose to cover the gap. For instance, A HR executive can pursue Payroll related ERP, it can help the value addition.

Most of the course admissions are based on reference or the inspiration of known personals. What is the use if an MBA Finance person joining in CADD course? Earlier Intuitions used be so genuine due to the reputation on the mind.  But now they only need counts. 100% placement assurances become assistance now, later that too may not be there.

Subbaih’s Story :

Carrier break changed my dear friend subbaih’s life, he suddenly lost his IT job. Really he doesn’t know what to do… his personal loan is two times higher than my salary. He called his friends for a job reference, in boxed his CV to HRs,walked in for So many IT parks and SIPCOTs, small to top industries. But nothing worked out. 

He had two kids of age 3 and 7 respectively. No need to explain his internal mindset further, he started delivering Blue dart courier in his gear cycle on a commission basis. One day he received an SMS from SSC portal to download hall ticket!  Almost forget that he applied for SSC examination!

Urgently he collected study materials and prepared as per the sake, luckily that exam postponed after a month due to some climatic reasons.

That made him to the spent whole day in preparation after consignment delivery, Exam over... After few days a BPO offered him a job but it demanded him to produce the original certificates he agreed that too due to his situation!

Two days before producing the certificates he received the call letter from the central government, now he completed 9 years of Government service.

Don’t rely on anyone:

Everyone telling that “No one is having a good heart”, we created meaning for good heart as helping in our crisis!

There is a huge difference between reminding and nagging. If someone told “I will help you to get this job “, we can ask for update once or twice, if no reply means leave it.

The world is very big; the same rules apply for interviews also. The so-called “Get back to you” will help occasionally.

Make your potential contacts know that you are available for the job, but don’t develop any expectations. Real happiness is lowering expectations.

Few painkillers:

  • You too have a hidden skill which silently grown by your experience and nature of the job, finds the “New” you. 
  • You may have a Professor, trainer, procurer, Administrator, Team leader within you. 
  • Don’t allow your mind to make silly decisions, always beginning is tough ... quitting is very simple. 
  • Try to know the current job market, don’t lose money to cheaters they may name themselves as career consultants, paid profile builders, etc.
  • Don’t lose your heart at any cause.
  • Validate and update your resume often.
  • Learning from mistakes is god’s gifts try it.
  • Don’t compare yourself with anyone.
  • Search the opportunities within you.
  • In simple words, Career gaps are common, so make it simple as possible, be positive.
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