Some hidden facts on-fire Thugs of Ignition – version 2.0

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In a prequel of this article, we saw about the causes of fire and classes. Now we are going a step forward.

Smoke – The Assassin:

We know the statutory warning “Smoking is injurious to Health” which is displayed everywhere from movie theater to small bunk shop. But the active smoker may live longer than the inhaler! Non-smokers are passive smokers.

Similarly, in case of huge fire the major danger is Smoke, it contains Carbon monoxide which is a sweet,soft and a harmless murderer. This may not have an itchy odor, so without knowing victims are so closer to their permanent sleep.

Smoke is the major killer of fire accidents another killer is “Fear”. Fear is the major killer of “Snake” bites too. Only a few percentages of Snakes having deadly venom but the appearance and false propaganda are the major cause of more causalities.

In such case we have to act rapidly, a huge fire turns everything too dark... needless to say the chance of artificial lighting is hardly possible.  Hence “Crawling” is the only way to move from that dark!

Knowing of premises path and escape routes can help us in such situations. So at home or office know the way, escape route thoroughly.

We may have seen in so many movies that any “Bomb” is about to blast all fell flat in the land. Those scenes are taken with the logic of “Any explosions will happen above one foot from the ground or base”

Break the pair:

We can stop the major fire accidents by eliminating the likelihoods of ignition. We should stop feeding the fire.

In a small scale industry in spite of  all safety arrangements, like fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and other safety gadgets. But unexpectedly major fire broke out due to a basic reason! Paint and its related materials (like… varnish, brush, mixing chemical etc.) are dumped behind the machine ,where grinding activities are happening in a regular interval.

We should analyze the changes in all dimensions, “Think positively” is the general mantra of all but here we have to think inversely.

In cricket, bowler’s major task is to break the partnership of batsmen, here we have to break all deadly combinations which supposed to create a “Spark”.

•             Wielding activity near Kerosene spillage.

•             Cotton boxes near the Gas cutting spot.

•             Smoker near Lenin or cotton cloths.


Before few weeks some bikes are buried in a luxurious gated community. All residents came to a conclusion unanimously after serious discussion!!! some psycho person burning the bikes!  That area youths become sleepless… they attacked some innocents returning from their night shifts and movie theaters.

It triggered the police department to act quickly. So they analyzed all CCTV cameras and found an imported bike automatically caught fire and it spread to other vehicles.

According to Bike experts’ internal leakage of petrol line, fuse in the plug, overused electric plugs can ignite the flame.

New age approach:

The words having more power, words with gesture will be the more value addition.

Earlier “Warning signage” boards are with harsh wordings, but now imaginary representations with requesting phrases are trending.

Smoking zones are wiser than more “smoking not allowed here” boards.  Smokers can right royally use their premises or otherwise they may search for a hidden zones obviously, generators are in a hidden zone … there may be a lot of oil-soaked cloths and wet surface … a dropped burning cigarette is more than sufficient to create “Boom”.

Make it sustain please:

As per new city development authority’s provision for Fire-fighting water tanks are mandatory in commercial buildings.

Irony is no one cares about maintaining the minimum water level for minimal firefighting, due to huge water demand in the metropolitan cities.

Whatever it may if there is a standard we should follow it at any cause or otherwise no use in having such high provisions.

Open the senses:

The mentality of human is very different if someone said don’t! Automatically our brain urges to do it… 

Everyone know ship is having more possibilities of catching fire, still, there is a smoking zone.  Because to stop a smoker is not an easy task, that too if a chain smoker means unstoppable! 

The same approach can be handled with spittoons, in future, we have to provide a cell phone zone, earphone usage zone to get a positive output.

Research and development of fighting fire with using controlled sounds are under process, it may take a long time to get commercialized.

A lot of safety friendly gadgets are available apart from the smoke detector, Fire alarm.

  • Manual calling point is used to raise the safety alarm.
  • Fire panel room is a set up where we can find the emergency area from blink.
  • CCTV footage's are used to detect the ignition source.
  • Emergency Eye wash provision can avoid visual damage.

If there is a will to safeguard ,there will be more relevant ways.     

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