The 5 Best Professional Certificates for Career Advancement Online for 2019

Updated: Mar 07, 2019 UTC
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Having a professional certification is considered the new norm for career advancement. Professional certificates signal employers that the individual has the relevant skills and actionable knowledge required by the current industry.

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Hiring a certified professional, not only benefits the employers but also sets you apart from the competitive workforce and help gain better job opportunities. These certifications and programs are curated for career paths offering in-demand skills based on the current industry requirements.

Most companies have started seeking out employees with updated skills. Since today’s workforce requires individuals who can demonstrate the skills needed for the job they’re applying for, and high-potential talent. It has become vital for professionals to learn new skills to adapt to the changing workforce. One of the most desirable ways is by earning a professional certification. Employers are 2x times likely to shortlist your profile if you're certified, hiring a potential talent is more efficient than hiring someone who isn’t.

Here are five best professional certifications needed to excel today:

New York Institute of Finance | Risk Management Professional Certificate

This professional certification provides an important part of risk related reports within the traded financial institutes. By learning through the tool of case-studies the individual can strengthen their analytical skill-set.  To apply for such programs, the applicant needs to have the required skill in MS Excel, basic probability and statistics.

The Strategy Institute | Business Strategy Certification

The business strategy certification provides a modern and reliable framework of professional certification that is needed in business strategy. This institute is a leader in thinking and innovating models, standards, systems, and practices of validating and credentialing excellence - design, development, and execution of business strategy in organizations.

The career path set by this institute covers critical areas in management and business strategy. Taking up a strategic management certificate from the strategy institute proved to be a game changer for professionals looking to start their career in the industry. Additionally, the credentials offered by this institute has helped organizations cherry pick talent with well-informed, proven skills and validated capabilities.

Project Management Professional Certification

The project management professional certification covers topics like risk assessment, negotiation, budget planning, conflict resolution, scheduling, and other related areas of project management. A professional having extensive years of work experience and leadership qualities are eligible to take up this program.

International Business Management Certificate

This certification is for professionals looking to enhance their career in business acumen and the global market. The market can either be in import/export organizations, multicultural business setting or finance organizations etc.

Cornell University | Cornell Executive Leadership Certificate

This university offers a program that best fits the upper senior management managers or someone of the VP level looking to hone their skills. Professional certification from this university helps in the enhancement of business credential making candidates stay competitive in the current industry.

Having a credible certification is often valued by all organizations today. Whether you’re looking to move to a different field or advance your career in the current field, acquiring a professional certification will strengthen your hiring opportunities.

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