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Updated: Mar 07, 2019 UTC
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Is it harm?

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“Am I sleeping?”  is the most common word used to express the anger as well the busy status. Really are we sleeping well? Sleeping only keeping humans well … But no one cares to sleep well.

Admirable personalities are used to sleep early as well as wake up early, As of now, our sleeping hours are based on the mobile battery charge bar. Our dreams are diluting in the affair with Videos, songs, games, chats, blah blah blah!

Natural hibernation is very essential to preserve our physical and mental wellness.  Sleeping is become a dream to many due to Rotational Shifts, No physical activity, Gadgets and lifestyle.

Night and Rotational Shifts:

Irrespective of gender all are working extensively in shifts. In this 24*7 generation, all possible shifts are there according to the domain of the

company! I use to wonder while seeing my neighbour who used to start around 1 AM and he uses to return 11 AM.

While working in the healthcare sector I used to work in rotational shifts! That is too challenging, to adopt the sleeping schedule, not an easy task. One week full of the day shift then night shift and it followed by 2 pm to 10 pm shift. 

After few weeks struggle, I used to it and got a good name in office, enjoyed a lot while shuffling shifts, metro rail travel, and bike rides and all, managed to do all non-holiday transactions with banks and post offices.

Nap? Nope…:

But hectic part is managing the sleep, Even though if we trance ten or more hours in a day after night duty is not at all equal to the normal sleep at night.

If we didn’t sleep all are able to find it out easily! Due to eyes which don’t know to tell lies.

Drowsing is natural anaesthesia gifted by God to us…, before any surgery opinion of Anesthetist is vital! They only can analyze the capacity of the dosage which we can manage.

May your favourite movie be on TV, cricket, or serial but for that, we need not sacrifice our sleep. Working on a routine bedtime is too tough, so don’t over strain your health.

Teachers therapy:

My elementary class math’s teacher is very unique, she uses to start the class with general discussion and homework then that day topic without nothing the time accurately she will finish the topic before 10 minutes of the period bell.

Most of us will wait for that last 10minutes not only for mathematical allergy but she also used to give very valuable advice and tips to excel in studies and career.

Among such care tips, I still remember and follow a tip that is ”Whenever you feel non-sleepy, try to recollect that day memories one by one like wake up, bath, ate, started to school, then at school events, return to home, snacks, cartoon, homework and dinner. If you do like this you will sleep soon as well as your memory power will be increased”

Thank you Girija miss! still, your tips helping us!

Bathing before sleeping at day time will increase the depth of sleep, understandably it is not easy after a hard night shift. But it will help a lot.

At any cause don't use sleeping pills, initially it will assist you ... then you will become an addict to it.

Expandable duty times:

  • Security services peoples are the deadly sufferers of these shifts, I saw the same person continuously worked for 36 hours due to short of manpower. They can’t even sit too… most of the handing over and taking over jobs are infinity shift duration.
  • Public transport drivers, Firefighters, Lorry drivers, Cab drivers, some doctors, technicians, cine related workers, designers, IT and ITES are doing extensive endless shifts.
  • Some have worked for continuous 4 days to fix an issue! Really they should be treated well by themselves at least.

 Some tips to sleep smoothly:

  • Try to avoid junk foods and oil items.
  • Drink more water.
  • Don’t give more space to any gadgets.
  • Fresh juices can help in easy digestion.         

Few exceptions:

Sleepless nights by the love affair, pre and post engagement chats are not included in our discussion.

Those exaggerated chats will become mono acting after a few years of marriage.  Please do take care of yourself :

In case of rare occasion like get together, function, unavoidable circumstance or emergency purpose we can sacrifice sleeping. But most among us desperately playing with our eyelids!  Listed a few major issues due to lack of sleep.

  • Severe back pain
  • Abnormal Headache
  • Eye irritations
  • Chocking
  •  Hair loss

 A deep or Good Sleep can 

  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase productivity
  • Give more Concentration

So don’t take the sleep lightly and shy away from it.  Six-hour deep sleep can keep us actively.  Try to not avoid it at any cause.

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Nandhini Kalyanam
Nandhini Kalyanam Mar 08, 2019 UTC
short and sweet! factly matters but well narrated, thank u for such an article !

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