An Eye opener towards the Opthal care

Updated: Mar 12, 2019 UTC
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God’s precious gift:

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Photography is an art, for so many its passion, destiny but whatever you may click using high-end lens, it will not be in the quality of which we have seen it actually with our naked eye.

So many words related to eyesight  like Vision, sight, perception, view…etc etc!  . We are wondering about the megapixel cameras of our mobile phones that too two cameras on each side. Pop up cameras also influencing buyers!

Really we do not know the real value of human spare parts! Yes, once we come to know the approximate valuation in terms of money, we can’t believe it. But sadly we are losing our gifted vision by self-destruction

Experts have measured the pixel quality of Human naked eye as 40 EB (Exabyte), Exabyte which is two times bigger than megabyte!

That much clarity gifted by almighty to us.

Is it ok?

Now,more than 50% of the peoples started  using Power glasses.

I can still remember my feelings while started using spectacles, at my first PUC!  Along with me, only two were soda buddy’s but now five-year kids are wearing rimless stylish specs.  My cousin availing family package from online lens giant! 

Stunner Sunday:

Every safety meeting I use to describe the importance of our Eye because eye injuries are very complicated.

I personally witnessed such a situation at my early career stage (As an Admin assistant)

Sunday duties are very unique, personally I like it much because of comp off’s, very less manpower and calm working place. We can concentrate much and finish long tasks easily.

One fine Sunday my day started smoothly, I prioritized my tasks then ordered lunch after ensuring the headcounts, arranged transportations, planned for next day stationeries, scheduled the AC AMC service, effortlessly major tasks completed by that my office clock showed 5.15 pm, only 15 minutes left to pack up.

Suddenly maintenance helper called me in a panic voice!

We rushed, maintenance technician was with bleeding eyes, I took him to a nearby eye hospital but they can’t help it hence we went to another multispecialty hospital.

I informed my HR and plant head meanwhile,

They  also told to take him to ESIC hospital or Government hospital, and then we rushed to ESIC … parents of the victim reached ESIC hospital and shouted me a lot.

After a few hours around 10 pm, the chief doctor told: “Dust from fan went deep inside, we tried our best but we can’t help it”. Yes, he lost his vision partially that too accidentally while clearing the clouds of dust by the vacuum cleaner.

If someone tied our eyes with dark cloth means how terrific it was!!

No normal person wants the above scenario right.

Can we sit in a completely dark room for an hour?  How horrible it will be. That is an unforgettable incident which pushed me to pursue safety.

Great peoples like The Sage of Kanchi (Mahaperiyava)  , Govel trust founders and so many  great hearted are worried much about the eye treatment in earlier 70s itself.  Without such noble and broad-minded personalities wider eye camps, affordable treatments and free surgeries are not possible.

But in such a huge country like us creating awareness is not an easy task.

Children special :

Few weeks before I had a chance to meet my sister’s kids after a long time, really they are so brilliant as well as naughty. 

While playing with them I noticed tomatoes on dining table took three of it and washed and gave it to each kid and I started eating but they looked at me very interrogatively! Who knows they may taught me as an “Alien” or something else apart from a human form ? .

Most of the today kids are don’t know that they can eat raw vegetables like ladies finger, tomato (Technically it’s a fruit), carrot, Radish (yes!) Just because of our crunchy, crispy and spicy food habits.

Grand Granny:

My granny is having a proper blend of tradition as well as current trend, she can delight us with yummy dishes as well she is very strict officer towards health and hygiene.

Her day starts at 4.00 AM, after brushing few minutes yoga, then a special eye exercise for fifteen minutes, while performing it her eyeballs will rotate all 360 degrees and 8 directions.

Then bathing, Pooja, sharp 6.30 AM temple visit with traditional madisar, then breakfast, lunch preparation, few magazines, lunch, little nap, tea, evening yoga, facewash, Pooja, dinner preparation, before 10 pm deep sleep.

Granny rules:

  • Compulsorily we should have an oil bath on every Wednesday.
  • Spinach Variety on every Sunday.
  • Banana stems juice once in 15 days. 
  • No TV while eating (now we have to add mobile phones).
  • We should wash hands and legs with soap after playing or returning home after a while.
  • She never allowed us to waste foods
  • According to her “If a fruit or vegetable are found against nature (like seedless grape, apple, Hybrid orange, Tomato) are unhealthy”.

Know the scene :

Blood banks are receiving the excess of blood from volunteers due to the awareness created by all medium, the irony is so many blood banks are wasting donated drops of blood!

Now a new software is in progress to collect excess stored types of blood and supply to the needy areas.

But the Situation of Eye banks is very pathetic. In India, only nearly 10 lakh peoples are waiting for their vision. Eye donors are very less as well as the scenario of Eye donation is entirely different from blood donation.

Keep it safe :

Differently abled peoples with visual impairments only know the pain and the value of EYEs, if anything comes easily means we cannot know the real value of it. Whatever it may be like the relationship, friendship, advice, love, affection, respect etc.

So try to donate your eyes, before that please take care of your eyes.

Some General tips for better Eye protection:

  • While cleaning or removing clouds of dust, wear goggles
  • While riding a bike for long /speed, wear glasses.
  • If dust or something fell inside eye means don’t rub your eyes, try to wash in normal / dirt less water and remove it with soft cotton. In case no, visit the nearby ENT clinic.
  • In case of bleeding eyes, don’t give any heavy actions gently cover it and move to the nearby hospital.
  • If you are advised to wear specs, please wear it, without any hesitation. Power glasses can maintain the same power, if not it will slowly reduce the viewing capacity with a lot of side effects like the headache.
  • Clean the specs or Contact Lens as per the procedure, don’t try to see more flashy things like lightning, sun, wielding, gas-cutting, grinding, with the naked eye.
  • Don’t do self-medication for eye related problems like itching, swelling, etc. consult an eye doctor.
  • Don’t use mobiles extensively.
  • Don’t postpone sleeping.
  • Eat healthy be wealthy.
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