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Updated: May 01, 2019 UTC
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The salary expectation question is always asked at the end of the interview, no matter which type of the interview is this? To be very honest, mostly, salary depends on your interview. Every company pays you based on your ability so you need to be smart at the time of interview. The more you communicate confidently with an interviewer, the more interviewers will take interest to hire you. Surely You know and heard that “salary is no bar for the right candidate”? I suggest you answer this question very brightly. 

When you are asked in the interview that “what is your salary expectation” don’t say like ABC lakhs per annum because the company will pay you on your skills and experience. Let me tell you that you always must answer this question as per your knowledge skill. If you don’t have proper knowledge of anything but you will tell them for a high amount, definitely you will be rejected. Before going to interview, prepare yourself for the interview. When you answer all the questions correctly then you are asked about the salary expectation.

Based on this question, the interviewer wants to see that the candidate is telling his/her salary expectation as per his/her skills or he/she only wants to earn money or he/she is eager to improve skills. They see whether you have an interest in the profile, eager for gaining knowledge, and smart worker for the company or without knowledge you want money and money. If you have lack of knowledge and answer the expected salary is more than average salary. Some companies negotiate because they want to a hire right candidate as per the company budget.  If you prepared yourself for the interview, search about the company. The large organization you are going to get hired, the more they can pay you. If the company is a small group of employees or small organization, they cannot pay you more. At the time of salary expectation, they can also ask you to negotiate the salary. Every company wants to pay high for a knowledgeable and experienced candidate. Let’s see what you should reply if the interviewer asks you about the salary expectation.

Get the concept and job description of the profile

Reply 1 –Before answering the question, I would suggest you get the concept of the vacant position, as well as, you need to have the theoretical and practical knowledge. If you are an experienced candidate and you want more amount than before, you can discuss your last CTC of the previous company with the HR in a very polite way. In case, you are fresher then you will say that “sir, you can pay based on my ability and skills” it would be a great answer. If you told them more than the average salary, do you think they will pay you? They will pay you what they want to pay for as a fresher.

Are you comfortable to work with other employees?

Reply 2 – Think before speak, if you are not sure that you will be able to work with the team, you can say that “sir as a fresher I want to meet the team whether I feel comfortable with them or not”. By giving this answer, the interviewer will be impressed and definitely select you. Because the company always seeks leadership, team player candidates and so on. If you are asking about work before salary, it can leave an impact on the HR team and they would definitely select you for the profile with a good package.

Discuss previous candidate salary for the same profile and expected salary

Reply 3 – You can ask them about the previous employer, he/she had the same experience and skills like me and what are you paying him/her for this role. If they tell you and you are comfortable for the same salary then you can say that you are okay with that salary. I think this answer is fine, the company was paying the amount to the previous candidate, the same amount they can pay you easily.

Answer him/her based on the average salary

Reply 4 – Before going to face this question, you can search on the internet about “what is the average salary for that profile”. When an interviewer asks you, answer him/her that “I expect XYZ salary for this profile, which is the average salary in the market”. Whether you are fresher or experienced, answer this question smartly as one wrong answer will get you rejected from the profile. But always answer this question thinking about your expected salary and company package on the website. As we know before money, you need a job to settle in that city.

Answer him/her according to your skills

Reply 5- If you are not aware that how much you can get paid because it is your first job, then you would tell him/her, you want to grow your skills as well as gain experience. The company always pays less to fresher as compared to experienced candidate. Your answer should be “Sir/madam, being fresher, my objective is to get knowledge first and develop abilities; I am happy under what you will pay”.

Above mentioned post tells you how to answer the question “what is your expected salary?” so guys there are five replies for the same questions. Either you are a fresher or experienced person, or don’t know how to give the right answer; I don’t think, now, you will be unaware of these answers. Give the right answer and crack the interview.

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Kajal Thakur 8 months ago
Your post is very informative and helpful, thanks for sharing!

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