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A Dream Trip

Life is an unpredictable voyage, sometimes drizzles, occasionally shower, radiance, some typhoons too often or occasionally.

The short span of breathing looks like an endless trip.

Most of us keep on complaining day to day, but few others are looking at life as a compliment!

They are living like breeze as well as inspiring so many to be like that.

Encouragement is a Mantra, that too self-propelling is a secret weapon for success.

Everyone Needs it

A clap, stationaries like book, pen or other gifts, a smile or look the form of motivation will vary from the age groups. But the heart remains the same it will be terrible waiting for the cheer.

Anywhere in India, if someone mispronounces any language in their belt, they will be targeted and trolled like anything. But if you are new to “Kolkata” , people will appreciate even your budding pronunciation of Bengali even though you are wrong, that positive approach will push us to learn more.

The Last candidate

In an interview room, around 15 members are waiting eagerly for the final round result, after some time the HR manager came and read out the names, twelve among fifteen picked. He asked them to sit in another lobby.  He had a one to one discussion with each and every one, all came out with confidence, some came out with a bright smile too me went as the twelfth man...

He made me to feel free, told about my positives, the reason for not selected and few tips to clear the interviews as well as CV format. “Don’t feel bad for not selected today, you may have another good opportunity anywhere. Don’t lose your heart just focus your skills and optimistic approach. When you are confident enough to attend another interview here after 90 days walk in directly and tell my name in reception…” really that HR manager Mr.Vikram changed my life!

Rare such case

Mr.Gopi  is working in a government hospital as a Doctor, his duty is very hectic since the whole day he has to face critical and crucial patients. No one will have patience in such place most of the heavy noise of shouting or fighting. But he remains cool most of the time though his colleagues use to wonder about it. I nagged him to know the secret of his coolness, after some build ups he told that “I use to say myself that Doctor Gopi relax, you born to serve them” for few seconds before attending them. I can’t believe his words but his action proves it.

The Cyclist

Past few weeks my co-worker started coming to office in Cycle. We thought it as a weight loss attempt, some of us thought it as a global warming campaign, rest thought it as over action and petrol saving. But before few days only we come to know that his child is not interested to use her cycle to school since he will drop in the bike before coming to office, to motivate her only he bought a new cycle and coming in it.  (Recommend him for “Father of the Year” Award).

Great heart

In my few months stay at Bangalore, I used to eat in a small mess, Mahesh anna shop he provided us with a feel-good lunch. There a youngster used to eat regularly sometimes he eats with formal attire, sometimes very casual costume. But every time after finishing his lunch he uses to convey something to Mahesh anna by a gesture surely it is much more than thanks.  That youngster distributed sweets to all of us and conveyed that he got his dream job, he hugged Mahesh anna with tears and told a lot in the Telugu language.  That small mess owner provided food for that youngster nearly for 2 months without any expectation. 

How did you trust him?  We asked Mahesh, he casually replied since he paid money I can use it for my children’s term fee or otherwise god made me do small favour to him.

Really financially weak peoples are having a rich heart.

Blossoms to Bag

In our locality there was a flower seller, I see from my teenage.  His mother will make garland and he will sell in the morning and evening.  After some time I saw him in a tailor shop .after a few days, he started selling cotton bags along with flowers. Since there is a red card for plastic carry bags, his bags on everyone hand. Now he bought a new TVS 50.

Kumar tailor shop is only 14*10 square feet shop that shop tailor teacher tailoring and gave waste excess cloths to that flower seller, now his life blossoming with confidence.  A tailor’s selfless encouragement and training made an entrepreneur to learn a new skill.

We need self-motivation at the time our confidence goes down. No one will allow us to ride smoothly in this contemporary world. So we have to neglect all negativity.

The minimum expectation in the family and no expectation apart from salary in office will give us a stress-free life.

If you felt someone ignoring you convey them your heartfelt thanks and move on…

I have a dream…

My philosopher told me that all the best things as well as bad things around us only. We should grasp the best and ignore the rest.

Me too having a list for Thanksgiving, hopefully, I will do it in my own book preface page very soon.

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