Top 10 high paying jobs for college graduate.

Updated: May 13, 2019 UTC
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Who doesn’t want to pursue a career that provides more than enough money for a living? It’s evident from the sayings of our proffers and elders  that we should follow our passion and not run after money and there is only very few jobs and careers that can make you rich and help you accumulate wealth. To pursue a career that provides more money you should go to a field or join a career which provides a job that you can do but not many people can do. You should ask yourself questions like What are the things I’m good at? What is the career I can pursue? etc

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To pursue a high paying career you ought to be hardworking, passionate, dedicated, keen learner and intelligent at the same time as high paying career involves a lot of education, responsibility and risk.

Surgeons, Lawyers, Technical writers all of them are highly skilled, creative and intellectual people. On the basis of your hard work you can get paid what you deserve.

Here are 10 high paying jobs you can opt for as a career.

1- IT manager

IT manager is someone who is the head of the IT department at an organization or any corporation. You can work from entry level to manager in IT department but in most cases you need to have a special degree and education to be an IT manager. Apart from the knowledge of technology an IT manager needs to have management techniques and skills. The salary of an IT manager can be up to $100,000 per year.


2- Petroleum Engineering 

It’s generally said that engineers are paid well and it is also a fact but it’s not true that money oozes out of the pocket of every engineer but few engineers like petroleum engineers are paid really well. Modern life runs on plastic and we use plastic containers, polythene etc in every phase of our life. The experts who have scientific knowledge to optimize it’s production earn quite a large amount of money. Petroleum engineering needs several years of bachelor’s and post bachelor’s degree and should have the courage and stamina to work under extreme conditions. Salary of a petroleum engineer can be around $100,583.

3- Actuary

If you have excellent Maths skills then you can add up to an excellent career in actuarial science. Actuary is indeed a fast growing, high paying and challenging job for mathematical geniuses and one who loves statistics and logic. Actuaries are involved in analyzing the risk for banks, government agencies and insurance companies. Apart from lot of education and students it is a job that involves challenges. It is a job that provides job security, pay rate and workload. Salary of an Actuary can be $83,620.

4- Lawyer

Lawyers are in great demand these days. If you want to become a lawyer and are considering a career in law you need to keep one thing in mind that getting into legal career is very tough and law has become quite popular profession these days. Lawyers protect the accused from injustice and help family manage their asset by providing them legal counsels.

Law as an occupation involves higher degree and responsibility thus lawyers are paid a high median salary.

5- Surgeon

A surgeon operates on a patient to treat injuries like brain tumors , cancerous tumors, broken bones, and other diseases and deformities. Just like other high paying jobs surgery is challenging, exciting and involves dedication. Surgeons are paid well because they deserve. A person who wants to become a surgeon has to go to medical school and learn skills and techniques for operating human body.

6- Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist are doctors who deal with mental health issues. The path to medical school involves a bachelor’s degree at least. Psychiatry is vary exciting and provides the responsibility of providing medicine to people dealing with mental health issues. Salary of a psychiatrist is $194,507.   

7- Computer network architect

You can become a computer network architect if you have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or engineering related fields. A computer network architect collects information for an organization's business plan and helps in designing and building data communication for organization to help them achieve goals. It’s a job which involves huge responsibility and one can’t become a computer network architect without experience.

8- Pharmacist

Pharmacists advice health care facilities and are insurance providers of patients medicine.

Pharmacist make sure that the patients get the right amount and dose of medicine. To become a pharmacist you need a Pharma-D degree and license from state board of pharmacy. Before becoming a pharmacist you need to study a lot work hard, do internship then only you can become a good and great pharmacist. Pharmacists are paid high because of  the responsibilities they have to fulfill.


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