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All are equal:

There are so many jobs which will give more pride according to the value or service to others.

Safety officers are preventing injuries and accidents, Doctors are saving lives, nurses are providing so many selfless services,  the services of Policemen, Army, farmers, sewage cleaners, are incomparable,  all workers are helping our owner to become richer and improving our national GDP.

Love your Job:

Everyone should be proud of our self as well as about our profile too.

Needless to say, the self-motivation is the best healer to all internal and external wounds.  Very few profiles are giving space to motivate others.

Teachers are very lucky hence they can do that magic throughout their life.  Apart from HR profile is such a profile to interact with various domains as well as peoples.

HR professionals can be much proud of themselves because they can make a lot of difference.

Learning Curves:

That time only I joined In the HR department immediately after my UG, since it’s a Domestic BPO daily walk-ins.

So many new joiners, so many abscond. The attrition rate was par less! , my nature of the job is to collect the profile, conduct screening round and explain the nature of a job to the candidate and send them to hiring TL or Manager.

I did this as a routine for a few months, slowly lost patience and courtesy.  Worked like a mad to source the candidates and pull them in for a few hundred incentive and referral bonus.

Within a few days, I lost hope and interest in that job.

One hectic day, all were rejected by the operations manager, nearly 24 candidates came in and no one got selected. I become restless so many things crushed my mind accidentally I noticed my college, He is very much of enthu-cutlet fellow!. He interacted with all candidates and helps them to get water and shared few tips to crack interviews, softly pointed out the blunders in resume.

Thank you Mr.MK :

That Muthukrishnan only made me understand the value of HR!

Since I am trying to help the candidates, breaking their ice, building their confidence and wishing them good luck before getting inside.

 I don’t believe in telling “we will get back to you” so I use to tell the result immediately.Yes, that will be shocking to them while hearing, then they will forget after a few hours itself. But the unwanted suppression of fact may torture them like anything.

The thug life cycle of Recruitment:

Sadly, most of the HR’s are very moody and less interactive and posing their authority often.  In today scenario it is the very hectic job that too at the time of salary processing and payroll updating.

That too finding the proper candidate is a great task, among available internal sources, by Social Media and WhatsApp statuses also used as profile pullers along with so-called Job portals.

After sourcing the candidate, they should answer the call or reply to our mail.  I have received fancy one line replies to my official interview call letter like “ok”, “So” and all.

  1.  If responded they should at least match a certain percentage of our profile.
  2. They should agree to come for an interview.
  3. Concern department manager should be available for that.
  4. They should come for an interview without telling any last minute excuses like “Bike Bounced”, “Brother's sudden marriage at registrar office”.
  5. Though they come, they should not be the family or furthers foe to the hiring manager
  6. They candidates expectation and budget should be matched.
  7. Sometimes a candidate will confirm the joining date, we will mail offer letter… in that so-called joining date, they will not turn up as well as their phone will be in flight mode.
  8. Then from the beginning..

Where is HR..?

If salary not credited on the date, we should answer…

If any ambiguity in pay slip, we should clarify…

If any unexpected holiday, we should be alert …

There is a lot in this field. We can interact as well as connect very much to all co-workers other than any department, The irony is all thought us a politics spreader

The thug process is common for every profile. For the field marketing profiles, their pressure will be limitless.

 Since there is the reason to backing HR department.because they uplift the individual character as well as career.

I have noticed so HR’s are editing the profile of candidates and sending back to them, no doubt it is a selfless service and great help but it may spoil the candidates' mindset, they may expect more.

Helping someone to get a job is great, we can give inputs and expect them to do it but if we start feeding, it will end in frustration.

It can be avoided :

Mr.Nakul (Name Changed )got an interview mail from a reputed banks insurance office for some position in operations., He came to that interview very happy as well as very professional.

While interacting with him I found that he is much interested in that profile.

He cleared all rounds and waited for last round and completed it with pleasure.

My hiring manager told him that conform with HR for joining. 

He started calling from very next day, I spoked few times and conveyed the message to concern recruiter.

One day I found him screaming at our office after that only I come to know that the hiring manager told that “ you are selected and mail you the offer letter soon”  ( might be he keeps on calling), with that word he resigned his ongoing job.

But already hiring manager himself found a candidate to that position.

What to do… he left with a broken heart.  After2 months he got another one, but!!

A job is a life changer for so many, so we should treat them with care and respect.

According to nature every one uses to behave, we should not take into our head.

For a prospective career in HR :

    No need to show our attitude to anyone.

    No wrong commitments, no wrong guidance.

    If we do our job right, no need to bother about anything.

    Keep on learning will make us shine forever.

    Don’t underestimate your values and ability.

    Know your limits.

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