Can women really kickstart career after a break

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Being in the HR profession, I frequently receive resumes from women who would love to kick start career after a break. Most of them seem qualified with their skills upto date irrespective of their long career gaps. Unlike men for women at some point of time it is mandatory to pause the work life and take care of family and parenting responsibilities of kids.

Yes, if the profile suits the requirement and if the candidate has the right skills recruiters do give a thought for the profile and the long gap should is not a stopper for your professional growth now. Times had changed and now the recruiting process of companies is not stereotyped. Each resume is evaluated and a genuine professional gap can no longer be a stopper for your career growth.

For Employers

Ideally if you dig deeper in the results, such employees tend to be the more productive and loyal towards the employer and be a valuable resource. Rejecting such profiles leads to missing out an amazing talent pool of resources. As per women prospective it is not just about being financially secure if is all about having a healthy profession career.

For Women applicants

Companies do consider your passion and skills. No second thoughts on being back to work if you really love enjoying being working women.

  • You need to rightly market your skills and choose companies that offer flexible working hours or work from home.
  • Understand how many hours in a day you can spend on your work life
  • Don’t feel inferior discussing on your career break if you have a reason for it.
  • Don’t get off on the wrong foot! Refresher your skills and get up-to date before applying for jobs.

There are companies that encourage profiles who want to start their second career with a defined recruitment process and perks of flexible work location and work hours too.

Clock is ticking and doesn’t wait until you are ready for it and it is said that one is never completely ready. Keep in mind that it is now or never! Break a leg!

 Sujatha Gollapalli

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