How Work-Life Balance Can Benefit Your Organisation

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The work and personal life balance is one of the most important challenges that is faced by the employees and usually struggle with them. To overcome and maintain the balance between the work-life and the personal life has become very important and for this the organisation is also taking many measures and implementing many practices. If the work life and personal life will not be balanced then it somehow can make a burden on the employees, which as a result can decrease the efficiency in the employee performance and as a result affect the organisations performance as well.

It is said that- Work-life balance is not a problem to be solved, but an issue to be managed. Being overloaded with the work, it is obvious that they face issues in balancing the work-life. So the organisations come forward to hold their best employees by making such practices so that their work-life could be balanced.

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If we talk about the best practices of balancing the work life at the office or in the organisation are:

  1. Flexible working hour
  2. Alternative working days
  3. Day care privileges
  4. Benefits to employees
  5. Company outings
  6.  Encourage vacations

1.     Flexible working hour: Every employee in any organisation always has an issue regarding the working hours which sometimes leads them to stress when they do not get a flexible working hour. A flexible working hour will always make the employee to work to their limit and happy to work. Also some employers allow their employees to work from their homes for a day so that they will be able to attend to their personal matters even while working.

2.     Alternative working days: Though it is not very common in our country but like in nursing field, they somewhere are seen working in alternative days. They work for 10-12 hours a day and take rest for the other day. It can be the effective practice if the work schedule is letting employees work 10 hours a day and have other day rest.

3.     Day care privileges: Some companies offer the child care options for those who are both working and cannot take care of their child due to their jobs. They can take their kids with them at work and take care of them by paying a fraction of fees or no expanse at all. This way parents can b stress free towards their kids and work properly.

4.     Company outings: Outings have always proved to be the best morale booster for anyone. If a person feels stressed in some situation and he/she goes for an outing then surely he/she will feel better. Same in any organisation company outings are the best ways to boost the employee morale. Continue working for hours and weeks will definitely make a person gets stressed and tensed and then if a company takes their employees to the outings then it will always help them to boost employees’ morale and make them stress free.

5.     Encourage vacations: Many organisation sticks to the old standard of having two weeks of vacation per year that is 14 days off per 365 days in a year which simply is not justifying. This definitely discourages the employees to do their work positively. It is found that the employees keeps these leaves for an emergency which makes it as “use it or lose it ”. Due to this their leaves are left unused many times till the end of the year. So better vacations must be planned to enhance the employees’ performance.

Work-life balance advantage for employee:

  1. It increases the productivity as if the employees feel having a balanced work-life, then they will be willing to do their jobs excellently and give their best at their jobs.
  2. A proper work-life balance for employee will lead them to fewer instances of sickness and absenteeism.
  3. If the employee gets happy regarding their family when they feel getting some value for their personal life, then they will be happy in doing their tasks even better and enhance employees’ performance.
  4. A better work-life balance increase employee loyalty, commitment and motivation.
  5. It also helps in improving the mental health and well-being of the employees if they are getting stress-free because a good work-life balances.
  6. Being satisfied with the organisation, the employee has least chances for leaving the organisation.

Work-life balance advantages for the organisation:

  1. Lower level of absence, sickness and stress of employees leading to the benefit of the organisation and increases productivity.
  2. It increases the staff morale that again helps in enhancing the organisations situations.
  3. It also somewhere helps to improve the customer services.
  4. It leads to the committed and positive attitude in the staff and developing a positive environment in the organisation.
  5. It helps to reduce the staff turnover and minimise recruitment costs.
  6. The reputation of the organisation automatically increases if its employees are having a good work-life balance and performing up to the mark.
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