2 Simple QR Code hacks to showcase your work portfolio across a professional network

Updated: Jul 11, 2019 UTC
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With the increase in automation of all business functions, the number of job opportunities available is following a drastic path of downfall. At a time where machines can do our job much better and quicker than we can, it is important for both  job-seekers as well as existing employees to promote their work portfolio in a way that portrays a personality that is at par with the growing trends and at the same time stand apart from the endless crowd of job-seekers. Displaying and promoting the work portfolio among your professional network is the best way of portraying that you have the right skills and experience that is required to survive and sustain in any chosen industry. You never know what great opportunities might come your in disguise of a peer from your professional network. 

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Here are 2 simple hacks for you to subtly display your work profile across your professional network to help you grab the required attention from job providers:

1. QR Codes on Business card

A personalized business card with a QR code not just looks appealing but also creates intrigue and compels people to scan it just to see where it leads. You can take things to the next step by creating a QR code with you picture embedded in it. Create the QR code for your business card in a way that it leads to a display of your work samples. Creating a business card with a QR code (also known as vCard Business card or virtual business card), is effortless with free QR code generators available online. All it takes is a few simple steps for you to improve your chances of getting a well-deserved job. There are also QR code generators that let you create dynamic QR code, where the link attached to the QR code can be updated in real-time to ensure that your business card displays the best and latest work samples without having to reprint or redistribute the business cards time and again.

2. QR Codes in email signature

Another intelligent way of displaying your portfolio to your peers is by adding QR codes to your email signature. Similar to the case of business cards, you can link the QR code to your work sample. For both cases, you can save your work samples in a PDF format and upload it to your Google drive. Now get the shareable link from Google drive and use it as a URL while creating your QR code and customize the design as required. 

Although the opportunities you get ultimately depend on your capabilities and experience, there is no harm in trying an innovative technique that can definitely help you present yourself better and create an impression among your network.



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