How HR Certifications Can Add Value to your Career?

Updated: Sep 03, 2019 UTC
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The recent infographic by Best HR Certification on The Value of HR Certifications throws light on the already proven fact – Certifications help in augmenting your career. The infographic also talked about the major issue in the world of HR – lack of proactive and certified talent. It also emphasized the fact that owing to the accelerated changes in both old and new roles in industries, innovative skill-building, and talent management is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed.

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The infographic also tries to answer your question on – why certifications matter – through the data collected by Bureau of Labor Statistics that states that only about 12% of the civilian workforce with certification or license are unemployed as compared to the 88% of professionals who are not certified or licensed.

Considering the data, the infographic revealed that HR certification can definitely boost your career. In addition, it also revealed the HR professionals who were certified as per their career levels in the US ranging from CHRO at 55.7% to HR assistant at 5.2%. The infographic revealed other HR profiles including but not limited to Vice President – HR at 51.5%, followed by HR Director at 46.5%, HR Manager at 35.5%.

While the infographic mentioned various HR professionals along with the percentage, it also revealed about six benefits of going for Human Resource Certifications. And the benefits include –

  1. The HR certification increases your employability as compared to your non-certified counterparts.
  2. With HR certification on your portfolio, you can enjoy a tremendous boost in your salary package thus boosting your earning potential.
  3. The HR certification also ensures that you climb the HR career ladder at a quicker pace as compared to your non-certified friends in the HR department.  
  4. If you are seeking leadership positions in the field of HR, then HR certification is the way to go. As certification in HR ensures fitness for leadership roles.
  5. Certification in human resource management facilitates skills to be accepted across industries
  6. With HR certification you can secure your career during economic downturns like recession and inflation.

With these benefits, going for the HR certification is not only important but also the need for an hour, as organizations awaken to the benefits of the HR certification.

So what are you waiting for? This is the right time, just plunge in and give your career a much-required boost with the HR certifications.

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