Why Human Resource Policy?

Updated: Jan 25, 2019 UTC
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Human Resource Policy is a formal statement or a rule which is bound to be followed by every person working in an organization. Policies describe what is to be done by the members of a firm. They act as a backbone for the firm that lay out its foundation.

Why Do We Need Human Resource Policies?

Operating without HR policies leave your employees under the impression that your firm is not interested in creating a framework for effective working in the organization. It is a challenging job to provide for your organization, employees with the absence of HR policies. The importance of Human Resource policies cannot be neglected as it’s important for sustaining a business. It provides employees with the guidelines so they are motivated enough to work for a purposeful organization.

Human Resource policies protect your business from various unfair practices such as obligations towards laws, and regulations. These policies ensure that there’s no discrimination based on gender, age, status and another nonjob concerning factors. Implementation of Human Resource policies saves the trouble of going through those unlawful practices. Providing your employees with clear Human Resource policies will be given them a feeling of job satisfaction. Employees who feel like they are working for an organization perform effectively. However, the opposite may lead to an increase in employee turnover because of dissatisfaction in a job. Organizations with a tight framework and a proper structure make the employees want to keep working for it.

Human Resource policies that are created to support the organization’s mission and purpose are able to grow job satisfaction. This makes it easier to recruit and maintain the workers who integrate their individual goals with the organizational goal. Human Resource policies provide the transparency and consistency needed to build an optimistic organizational culture. It helps to improve the psychological contact between managers and workers.

What Human Resource Policy Should Be Announced?

There is such policy based on one size fits all approach to create HR policies. Each organization has its own unique Human Resource policy. Rather than implementing the best approach which is used in most of the firms, you should focus on why you need a particular policy in the first place. The policies should be aligned with your organizational objectives. The key to becoming successful is to put efforts to develop practices, strategies, and policies for your business.

How to Prepare Human Resource policies?

  • Locate the requirement

The first and foremost thing is to determine the requirement of a policy in your organization. You should clearly understand the grounds covered by the policy, the issue it addresses and the group it targets before framing one.

  • Draft a Policy

Drafting policy involves framing it by covering all the necessary elements of the organization. Keep in mind that some key areas require more efforts than others. Your policy should not be violating any kind of law. Methods, processes, and procedures to implement a policy should also be framed.

  • Ask for Approval

After correctly drafting the policy and its procedures, it must be reviewed for corrections. After it is being reviewed for the last time, it should be set to the key parties for their approval. All their doubts must be solved, and any suggested changes should be considered. After the approval of the policy, it is all set for enforcement.

  • Communication and implementation

After the Human Resource policy is drafted, approved and agreed upon, it should be communicated with the employees of the firm. Ultimately, all Human Resource policies are significant for the core functions of a business that’s carried out by workers. So they need to understand the policies as they are. Once the policies are communicated, it’s ready to be implemented.

Human resource policy is an important part of the functioning of any company. Align them with the objective of your organization and ensure the smooth functioning of your organization. Remember that these policies will create a good work environment with certain norms that will remain the same for everybody.

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