HR Certifications: Are they worth it?

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You should definitely get an HR certification. As a progressive and career-oriented HR professional, it should be a must. Why? Taking a certification shows your pro activeness in building your capabilities and keenness about work. It demonstrates your propensity to learn new arts of the trade and implement them in your job. Earning an HR certification will help you do just that. In doing so, it will make you a preferred candidate for HR positions among employers and help you earn more. 

Not to forget, certified professionals make more money than their non-certified counter parts. According to PayScale, a certified HR practitioner earns $19,000 more than their peers. Similarly, chances of promotion for certified professionals is 15% higher than non-certified ones. 

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Why do employers prefer certified HR professionals over non-certified professionals?

  1. Taking an HR certification is a long and rigorous process. It takes anywhere between 3-6 months where the certifying body tests the HR’s skills against its proprietary and industry-based framework to assess the candidates’ proficiency in various HR-related functions depending upon their experience. 
  2.  Upon successful completion of a certification, it’s validated that you possess necessary skills and knowledge required to perform your job diligently. 
  3.  Certification demonstrates that you’re passionate about your career and will continue to work whole-heartedly and with passion. 
  4. Certified HR professionals are more efficient than no-certified counter parts. Certifications equips professionals with strategic framework that help them to work faster. 
  5. Certified HR professionals are more confident in their approach and work more diligently as they are empowered with all the necessary information like labor and company laws, required to perform well their job.
  6.  HR function is increasingly becoming a strategic business function with business-impacting motive. HR certification equips professionals with strategic skills to implement. 

Best HR certifications

Several HR certification bodies offer certifications for all levels of experience. Some prominent certifications include --

1. Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI): HRCI offers five HR certifications for HR professionals of all-levels of experience including those who are yet to start their career in human resources. HRCI is a global human resource certification body and all its certifications are globally recognized. 

2. Talent Management Institute (TMI): Sourcing and retaining talent has become top priority for businesses. Organizations are now looking for professionals who are equipped with skills that can help them to attract and retain talent, collectively called talent management. Talent Management Institute offers three certifications in talent management which validates that holders are well-versed with best-in-class talent management practices required to deliver visible results. 

3. Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM): Pioneer in HR certifications, SHRM offers two certifications for experienced HR professionals with three or more years of experience. The body is world’s most recognized certification and membership organization in the human resources spaces. 

4. Association of Talent Development (ATD): Training and development is an important and integral part of talent management. Learning and development programs are highly effective for talent retention. ATD offers certifications and short-term certificate programs for professionals to deliver effective learning and delivery programs. 

5.World at Work: 

Compensation & benefits is an important function of human resources. World at Work offers certifications and programs in compensation and benefits which will help broaden your knowledge in the area and specialize in the field. Strategic provision of employee benefits is a proven method in organizations’ arsenal to combat increasing employee turnover.  

In conclusion, taking an HR certification increases your value in the eyes of employers as you have proved that you know the in-and-out of your area and can deliver results that are in the interest of your employer. 

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