6 Tips To Improve Your Study Span In A Day

Updated: 4 months ago
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With so many distractions around, it becomes quite challenging to concentrate on your studies. However, with the next set of exams breathing down your neck, you need to study at a stretch to score better grades. While you can take tuition assignment help in Singapore from academic experts, you need to be self-reliant how do you study more to cover your syllabus within the short study leave?  

Here are a few study techniques that you can use to study for longer stretches every day and solve many tuition assignments Singapore.

1.A proper study environment

Sitting to study in an environment that is free of interruptions while solving your home tuition assignments will help you study with unwavering focus. You, therefore, need a place that is quiet and devoid of distractions. So, lock the door, play some soothing music or white noise clips to stay focused on the task at hand.

2.Arrange your study materials

Searching for a notebook in the middle of a study session will only disrupt your flow. So, before you sit to study, gather your books, guidebooks and solutions delivered by tuition assignment help services. Also, de-clutter the mess on your desk to study in an organized way. Make separate folders for all the notes and label them to find study material easily.

3.Disconnect from social media

We all know what a phone call from your best friend can do! Do not let the constant beeps of your cell phone come in your way of academic excellence. For better attentiveness, put your phone on aeroplane mode, or even better switch it off. You can also download a selective blocker app on your phone to block social media apps and keep your data connection on to keep on using Google Scholar.

4.Make a schedule

When you are studying in Singapore, several tuition assignments will be given to you to work on simultaneously. A routine can help you manage time better to fit in all the tasks and complete them in a day. Building a schedule will also help you keep track of your progress. Make a priority list with the complex assignments and chapters at the top and leave the easier ones for the end of the day.


When it comes to academics, physical activity can boost learning ability and cognitive skills. Exercising can also increase your levels of concentration and alertness. Since exercising releases endorphins, you will be much happier, which will help you study for more hours. Sweat-inducing cardiovascular exercises and yoga can be the most effective in this case. You can also go out for a jog in the park.

6.Eat healthily

Your brain guzzles 20 per cent of what you eat daily. Therefore, you need to eat foods that will help you sustain your energy level when working on tuition assignments. Eat foods with low Glycemic Index (GI) like oats, muesli, granola bars, flax and chia seeds. Also, make sure that your diet comprises leafy vegetables, wholegrain, and fruits. While snacking may seem to be an easy option, steer clear from indulging in fast foods like pizza, burgers, cookies, chips, and carbonated beverages.

You cannot expect to improve your concentration level overnight. But if you practice these tips every day, you will reach your Zen mode with time. Hence, have patience and give it time.

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