Why should you not hate your competitors?

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Enemies or competitors are a major part of any business. If there is no rivalry, you are lagging behind in your business. Competitors build when other companies find out that you are doing as good as them or better than them. At this point, they start considering you as their enemy.

Having a competitor gives an adventurous touch to the business. You have an everyday goal, and that is to become better than your rival. It will help you to come up with new ideas and try different strategies. It is always good to have competition.

Why having enemies is important?

1. You will not repeat the same mistake: When a company has a competitor, he makes sure that he digs that company’s history. When you come to know of their past mistakes, you will make sure that you don’t repeat them. You will be able to learn something new. Every mistake than an enemy does become a lesson for you. This is beneficial for the company in the future. If a company has multiple enemies, several lessons can be learned.

2. Common goal: When you have a competitor, every employee will aim for its downfall. Enemies make sure that your company has a common goal. Every morning when you come to the office, you know that you have to work better than your competitor. There is absolutely no scope for confusion. Your company will unite for the sake of victory. Every individual will make sure that he has some role to play in the victory. You will see more work and less procrastination. You will be able to define your goals to the employees.

3. Thrive to be better: When you want to defeat someone, you make a plan that is extraordinary and full proof. You may not realize this, but while you are inventing ideas to defeat your competitors, you are also working for the betterment of the company. Creative and innovative ideas will come up. You will fight every day to make your company better. You will get the motivation to think and work. You won’t have to look for any other inspiration. 

4. You will be able to understand your market: While reading the history of your rivalry company, you will also come to know which products have made them popular and which ones have degraded their reputation. You will get a clue of what the market is about. You will know which part of the audience you need to target. You won’t have to experiment with the wrong ideas. 

5. Motivation: Having enemies is equivalent to getting motivated. When you see someone doing better than you, you will automatically start working hard and become the best in the market. You don’t have to find any sort of motivation when you have rivalry companies to motivate you.

So now you know why it’s good to have competitors at your workplace. They help you exceed over your limits to push them down, and they always inspire you to be more productive than them. You don’t need to consider them as your enemy as they’ll help more than your friends in pacing up your growth and success.

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