Best HR Automation Processes Being a Game Changer for HR Management

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HR Automation is the process of enhancement of the efficiency of the HR department by perfectly automating the time-consuming and dedicated manual efforts. The automation process provides permission to focus on complex activities including decision making and strategy building. The automated process is helpful in reducing the cost and time being spent to date over manual HR planning and capacity building.  

Using the HR Automation procedures, the manufacturing organizations become empowered to integrate, design, streamline and finally deploy the essential sets of services at affordable prices. 

Advantages of HR Automation procedure:-

The best advantages of the HR Automation procedure is mentioned with the following list of points: 

  • Quickest improvement in productivity due to immediate data processing and sharing.
  • Heightened employee engagement resulting in reducing employee turnover.
  • Downfall in storage and printing costs continued with paper-based processing activities.
  • Minimal errors in data entry-based activities.
  • Creative business decision-making at optimal operational pricing.
  • Collaborating with different stakeholders for training and hiring up skilled labors.
  • Intelligent business decisions making by giving more time to analyze HR based data sets.

List of HR functions to get automated with HR Automation procedure:

  • Proper management of the employee records as per the provided government regulations.
  • Storage of online application forms automatically inside the repository and assigning them to the concerned recruiter for further processes.
  • Tracking procedure to check whether the employee is suitable for availing the benefits.
  • Sending e-mails to the floor managers mentioning updates about the employee status. This includes intimation about whether the employee has moved to a new floor or left the organization.
  • Facilitating the on-time distribution of tax-based forms along with other concerned documents in association with the e-mail reminders. 

Top 10 HR Automation Processes Acting as a Game Changer for HR Management:

Almost any of the repetitive job duty can be made automated. However, the following 10 areas are believed as the best by the HR management personnel for HR automation procedures:-

  1. Onboarding procedure & new employee hiring request: Implementing automation processes for hiring requests results in ending up of miscommunication between HR and the concerned manager. As a result, the actual view of the hiring processes gets reflected in a transparent manner. Onboarding procedures during new hiring activities improve the workflows and thereby favor the concerned personnel to receive timely access of the grants as well as all the needed equipments for the developments.
  2. Enhanced security in managing employee’s personal data: Updating employee’s personnel data is an extremely troublesome task. Due to regular appointments and resignations, it becomes difficult to manage the personal data of the employees effectively. However, the enhanced HR automation process sounds effective for HR management in all aspects.
  3. Timesheets management: The data collection and validation processes become much easier after timesheets approval processes. HR personnel finds themselves free from the regular manual updates and thereby saves their valuable time for other works.  
  4. Effect of automation in performance appraisal processes: After implementation of automation, validation of performance proves beneficial in ensuring that the records get systematically updates. It further favors in permitting the organizations to easily and effectively look after the employee’s performances. 
  5. Offboarding procedure: The gathering and processing of the concerned documents after the termination of the employees is an extremely tricky process. Automation thereby helps in accomplishing all the concerned tasks in a much effective way by keeping a safe distance from all the other legal issues.
  6. Support in processing the leave request applications: HR Automation procedures favors leave request processes in a much faster way with frequent updates in the employee records. The automation processes thereby support the easier approach in management, tracking and approval-based processes in an automated manner.
  7. Support in claim for expenses: HR automation process has proved itself a blessing for processing the expense claim based documents in a digital manner. The frequent updates concerning to technologies has reduced the chain management processes and equipped the employees themselves to get in contact of the concerned official to avail the best expense claim benefits in no time.
  8. Training-based requests: After implementation of the HR automation-based processes, the employees have been empowered for self-management processes of the training requests. They can now choose the based training module and apply accordingly over the HR systems for performance improvements. As soon as the employee will get skilled towards the focused module, they can claim for further promotions and increments as per the ongoing organizational trends.
  9. Processing the accident claims much faster: The automation process helps in quick transfer of the claims during serious incidents or even the accidents that occurred during office hours inside the company premises. The concerned documents can now get easily processed and forwarded to the concerned agencies to avail the benefits quickly.
  10. Availing benefits: After the fresh hiring processes of the employees, it becomes difficult for them to claim for the regular company benefits. The automation processes make the employees capable to understand the eligibility period to avail the benefits. All the information can effectively be made updated to the individual’s payroll for easing the further sets of processes concerned with the developmental procedures.
  11. Increased Automation level in 2021: HR Automation-based updates have already been noticed for maximizing the beneficial returns till date. The trend will be improving with multiplied rate of progress in the upcoming year for experiencing the advanced mechanisms associated with HR management procedures. 

Conclusion: HR automation procedures have proved extremely beneficial for increasing the existing efficiencies of the HR departments. Productivity has been noticed to get increased with constant decrease in the error rates encountered earlier. Furthermore, the improvement in the bottom line is obvious for retaining and managing the best quality and skilled company employees. Automation processes occurred as a blessing in the traditional organizational behaviors to make them technically improved. Staying updated with the current trends and moving ahead with consistent technological updates has proven exceptionally best. Finally, it is not at all doubtful to say that HR automation defines best HR management procedures and it is worth adopting it for all the future benefits availing as well. 

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