Goodbye E-Mails – 5 Templates to Make People Remember You

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The last day at the workplace makes you feel emotional and forces you to memorize the service span with all sweet and sour memories. However, it’s desired to send a nicely drafted goodbye e-mail to your seniors, co-workers, and colleagues. 

Merely condensing the precious time at the organization into a limited set of wise words really feels insurmountable.


The following is the list of 5 Goodbye e-mail templates to make people remember you without any difficulties:-

Template 1: Farewell e-mails to coworkers and peers: This template is one of the easiest templates showing your intention to get connected inside the organization’s networks. Coworkers and peers are preferred to have under the network connection showing your eagerness to remain connected with an entire group of concerned individuals. The letter is neither too emotional nor sentimental. 

Hello [Concerned name],

As you may already know, I’m going to leave [Company A].

I want to pay my gratitude to all of you for being able to get to know you in all aspects over the past [K years/months]. Without your assistance and kind collaboration, my time here would not have been spent with such friendly attitudes. Expecting to see you all before I leave. If not, my last day under the organization is [Date X].

To remain engaged with already decided work ethics, my plan for the future is [Plan X]. For achieving all the targets as per the plan, I am extremely to get started but let me have the authority to take your suggestions if required. Please find my contact details here if you do not have the same

[Phone X, email X, LinkedIn X]

Looking forward to be in contact and hearing your continuous updates about yourself! 

Warm regards,

[Your name]

Template 2: Farewell e-mails to team managers with due respect: It is really tricky to draft a farewell e-mail to team manager as they are the one with whom entire working periods have been spent. Appropriate writing balance is required to be maintained for drafting such e-mails. 

Hello [Team manager’s name],

As you are already aware, I am regretfully leaving the [Company name] on [leaving date].

My keen desire was to personally thank you for both your assistance and special mentorship over the past [number of years].

Thanks to your tutelage to make me grow like a skilled professional. I am extremely grateful for your guidance and work ethics which taught me a lot. I am expecting to continue our relationship beyond the final day as well.

Given below are my relevant contact details to remain in contact as and when desired

[Email X, LinkedIn X]

I have [Plan A] for my days after leaving the organization. You have played a vital role to make me reach there. Thanks again for the same. 

Wishing you a Good luck in the future,

Warm Regards

[Your name]

Template 3: Farewell e-mail to the team whom you supervise throughout the time span: A pleasant but still professional farewell e-mail is desired in this case. Even it is desired to draft the mail as per the professional relationship with the team. Despite your informal interactions throughout, it is yet required to sign off with a humble attitude with a pleasant smile.

Warm greetings to all my team members [Their individual names],

You all probably have been aware of my issue regarding leaving the company[Company name]

Our final meeting day will be on [Day and Date] and I have decided to organize a party on this behalf. All the days spent under the company supervising you all to meet up with any concerned issue will always be inside me. I am hoping for luck from you all for the next days in the company named [Company name to be served]. Hoping to remain connected forever.

Please find below my contact details and do not ever hesitate to ping me as and when desired or required. 

 [Email, LinkedIn]

All the best to you all and many thanks once again,

[Your name]

Template 4: Farewell e-mail to clients

Clients must be given special attention while leaving the organization. Special notes must be mentioned under the farewell e-mail to make them connected professionally for the rest of the days in other organizations as well. Let us have a look at the concerned template.


Warm Greetings [Name of the client],

I have decided to write you today to intimate me regarding my leaving information from the [Job title] and company name [Name of the company] on [Mention the date]. 

It is hereby intimated that the final working day will be on [Date].

I have enjoyed a lot working with you during my days at this organization. We have successfully developed highly organized professional relationship and aware with most of the personal issues as well. Clients like you have definitely made my days under the organization and your supportive attitude always made me feel comfortable.

Hoping for a positive relationship with upcoming professional as well who will deal with your issues. Till then, I am ready to take up your issues and resolve them as per my capabilities. 

Have a good luck in future,


[Your name]

[FB, LinkedIn, Twitter contacts] 

Farewell e-mail to unknown people under the organization: Let us have a look on the template to make the unknown people informed about the issue.

Good day to all the concerned [Mention their names]

You all might be aware of my leaving information from the post of [post name] from the organization [organization name] on [mention date].

I have finally decided to move on for the new plan [Plan X]. Let me make you all aware of the contact details via following information. Stay tuned.

[E-mail, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn connection details]

Thanks and Regards,

[Your name]

To cap it all, farewell e-mails play a vital role to make all the concerned contacts under the organization aware of your leaving information. Templates will definitely be of different styles for a specific group of people. The above-explained 5 goodbye e-mail templates to make people remember you must be gone through to have a detailed idea.

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