How To Professionally Deal With A Bad Boss

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A bad boss in any organization is synonymous with the person creating the most unfavorable situations for his employees making them frustrated, unhappy, and weary. There exist several frustrating characteristics which make the bosses fall into the bad boss category. 

Bad bosses very often fail to recognize the employee’s dedicated contribution towards the organizational development. They never walk forward without hesitation over their self-created rules and use to break them occasionally without any specific cause. Moreover, they are noticed by the employees for improper goal-setting strategic frameworks.  

Employees in connection with horrible-natured bosses often feel forced to leave the organization and rethink their career path. If the issue did not get addressed on time, the toxic environment created by the bad boss against the employees makes them fall under the serious mental illness leading to depression-like situations. 

Prior to understanding the strategies to professionally deal with a bad boss, it is essential to analyze the following list of signs making the bosses fall under the bad boss category:

  • Being disrespectful towards their hard-working and dedicated employees.
  • Ignorance of valuable suggestions by the employees with an extremely negative attitude.
  • Laziness and attitude to overload the employees with unusual and unwanted tasks. 
  • The habit of self-praising exposing their heroic dominance in all the working streams.
  • Forcefully putting forward the inappropriate humor in front of the employees.
  • Late office arrival yet directing the employees to be present on time. 
  • Leaving the office early without any specific reason most often during Friday.
  • Attending the phone calls with loud voice conversation making the employees annoyed.
  • Communicating with foul language inside the office premises.
  • Never appreciating the hard and dedicated efforts of the employees.
  • Feeling uneasy to honor their employee’s dedication by saying ‘Thank You"
  • Crushing the employee’s self-respect in public meetings by expressing anger.
  • Being dominated without listening towards the employee’s views on any office issues.
  • Trying to lead the team of all the functional areas without any future vision.
  • Putting forward the allegations towards the employees in case of unwanted outputs. 
  • Failing to provide the expected rewards and recognitions for positive performance. 
  • Being biased towards few company employees and crushing others in front of them.

The above list of points is sufficient to make your views clear regarding the characteristics which make the boss rewarded with the phrase ‘Bad Boss’ inside the organizations. 

Consistent studies and analysis have been done in the field of HR by authentic resources to understand the best strategies to deal with a bad boss. On the basis of the same, several precautionary measures came forward to make the odd office situations completely favorable. 

Let us have a detailed discussion about the issue by exploring the best employee strategies to professionally deal with a bad boss:-

  • Being Proactive: The best strategy needed to get adopted by the employees is to keep the plan of action ready. Unlike the employees of the organization, there exist versatile engagement criteria for the bosses. They may certainly be attending the overseas meeting or they may even have an urgency to explain the organizational development via video conferencing to the headquarters located abroad. All such hectic schedule makes any boss full of anger, irritation and short temper making him a bad boss in front of the employee’s eyes.

Corresponding to the above, the company bosses always expect their employees to be proactive, smart and prompt regarding the company issues.  The employee must keep the action plan ready and puts it up before the bad boss with a positive mental attitude. The positivity of the employee’s concentration will positively impact the boss’s attitude helping the employee to win his trust for all the future challenges.      

  • Being professional and persistent: Rules and regulations matters the most for the company bosses. Accordingly, they have a keen desire to expect the adoption procedure of the created protocols even by the company employees. The expectation must be taken care of by the employees at any cost without fail. In addition, the employees must maintain a calm and professional demeanor while dealing with a bad boss. Emotions must be handled carefully with high end professional approach. 

Maintaining persistence towards the boss’s attitude and trying to make him aware of best employee habits will definitely play a major role. Employee must understand that the bullying attitude of the boss is not going to change overnight. Accordingly, they must keep calm and remain persistent in showing up the best professional skills for the good sake of the organization. 

  • Going inside the boss’s office with a notepad and pen: It is one of the best strategies to deal with a bad boss inside the office. While following the boss’s conversations inside the office, always carry a notepad and a pen. It has been noticed that the boss’s feels irritated to repeat the instructions over the employee’s queries. 

It would therefore be better to take a note of entire words released from the mouth of the boss concerning the issues. The notes will also prove beneficial in providing a catchy point of reference during the assignment completion at the employee’s end. Moreover, the written document will help the employees save themselves in case the boss puts up allegations of strategic failure against them. 

  • Deadline confirmation: It would be better for the employees to memorialize all the instructed deadlines in writing. The act will be helpful in saving the employees with the boss’s anger in public meetings. Meeting up of the deadlines by the employees is the most desirable activity by the bosses and accordingly, it must be taken care of. 

It would even be better to submit the assignments days before the deadlines so that it can be reviewed and reworked if required. The act will be beneficial for the employees to build up a positive reputation in front of the boss’s eye.

  • Learning from other’s mistakes: It would be better to analyze the employee’s activities who worked for their bad bosses. Accordingly, the inference can be drawn concerning what activities pleases the bad boss and what makes him feel irritated and full of anger. 

Similar to that like market research which acts as the major step before launching up of a new product in the market, this step will also work. Instead, the step will act as an important measure to launch the employee’s reputation in front of the bad boss’s attitude. If everything goes well and boss gets satisfied, the employees will become the boss’s first choice among the office gathering. 

  • Sharpening the skills and making yourself indispensable: This step is obviously the best one as per the sayings quoted by the experienced company CEOs. Despite finding ways to win the boss’s mind and heart, it would be better to ignore the frustrations and keep on developing the working skills with dedicated consistency to deal with a bad boss.

Knowledgeable people are always rewarded and regarded even by the bad bosses. If the employees succeed in showing their knowledgeable expertise about the working domains, it would definitely prove fruitful. As a result, the employees can get promoted to a much higher position with more handsome and incremented salary packages. In addition, the boss will always admire the skills and concepts making the employees feel motivated with an extreme level of positivity. 

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