What makes 'The Bold Type' an ideal series for employer-employee relationships?

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Rain and music, mist and solo rides, burger and French fries... and do you have any guesses on what's the latest combo in the list? Yeah, it's the lockdown and the series.

Well, considering the pandemic and the lockdown imposed, many of us have been watching different series of different genres. Starting from the adventurous 'Money Heist' to the most confusing 'Dark' and to a little romantic 'Riverdale' our list goes on. All of them helped us handle our boredom and frustration of being locked inside our rooms.

What if some series is helping you understand the ideal rapport to be build between an employer and an employee? Sounds good, right? Then, 'The Bold Type' is the series you're looking for.

Bold Type created by Sarah Watson and her team is inspired from the career and life of Cosmopolitan's former Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles. And, yes so there is no a second thought on what the series deal with. It portrays the working culture of a global women's magazine called the 'Scarlet'.

It shows the work-life balance of three women named Kat, Sutton and Jane. Besides the usual romance and dating scenes, what makes Bold Type worth the watch is the connection between the employees in Scarlet with their boss Jacqueline and vice-versa.

Scarlet magazine head quartered at Newyork and predominantly headed by whites is keen to include people of other races in their office. This is so evident with Kat being the first female black social media head of Scarlet. Not just the race, but it is also careful to include people of varied gender orientations and looks.

When we look at the boss Jacqueline, there are many things to be learned. Especially I think it's much relevant for Indian working spaces to look upon Jacqueline and how she keeps her points to the face.

Jacqueline is a very bold boss. She knows really well that success cannot be gained overnight. She constantly pushes her employees to come out of their comfort zones. She challenges them. If she finds them being scared to take the challenge, she also gives them directions and ideas to think out of the box.

She being a woman has competitions within her organization. She realizes that and works to be the best. She promotes healthy debates and accepts suggestions from her employees. And unlike the bosses we see here, she is ready to admit her fault in front of her team.

What happens when your boss speaks to you with no ego? You would feel more free, right? And that's what you see in Scarlet. Employees can approach their lady boss at any time and share whatever they want. So she is not just a boss, but an empathetic human being.

She even shares her most painful and beautiful experiences with her employees. She also is one who maintains calmness throughout her conversations. She knows how to manage her stress so that it won't pressurize her employees. Is that the case here in our offices? Just think.

Jacqueline values individuals. She treats all her employees fair and equal. She checks often with each of them. Simultaneously, she is well aware to keep fences. She doesn't want to interfere in the personal matters of her employees.

Don't you think it's high time that we need to respect people for who they are? For instance, if you are that employee who has to always address your employer by calling him 'sir', it would create a distance. Instead why don't we be more professional without being too formal?

Jacqueline is in that case a perfect boss. She gives respect and gets back respect. And proves that you don't need to be too much authoritative to be a successful employer.

So the core value of equality should start from the top. Bosses should take the initiative for treating everyone equal including themselves.

What about one of your emoloyees whom you had great expectation on, makes a decision to resign? Jane, among the three women took such a decision. And Jacqueline didn't let her down. She accepted her resignation with due respect.

Even after resignation, they maintained a close friendship. And when found things aren't working well for Jane, Jacqueline was generous enough to hire her back to Scarlet.

Have you ever come across such an employer? If not, don't you think we need to change? Don't we need an inclusive working space? Shouldn't all of us have a healthy competition between? Shouldn't we get equal pay and promotions?

Then all we need is a team like Scarlet. Let's smash the hierarchy together and if you haven't watched the series yet, don't miss it.

Wish you a good time ahead!

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