'Welcome Back, Take Your Seat...' Why Should You Rehire Your Employee?

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To leave your desk, take away your pen pot, displace your name board and bid bye to colleagues, yes resignation is indeed hard. Knowing it, many employees tend to stick onto their first work place. But for the growth and development of a company as well an employee, it is important to hire new employees and resign respectively. What about hiring back a resigned employee? Are our companies really ready to rehire an employee who left?

Well, usually in Indian companies, the situation is no near. What we see is that as soon as an employee leaves the firm, the colleagues starting from the chief to the bottom level management will deliberately disconnect all contacts with the person resigned. Some even treat the resigned employee as their foe. But one thing to keep in mind is that on whatever grounds employees leave, the organization should be able to maintain a healthy friendship with them. Or else there is no meaning in holding up the core values of friendship, inclusiveness and respect.

We were to talk about rehiring a resigned employee. This is not a whole new thing and many companies specifically outside India are rehiring their employees. Let’s check on why our HRs and leaders should reconsider rehiring a resigned employee:

It’s a second chance:

Many of us truly wish if we could get a second chance to make things better. What if you are giving a second chance to someone who was fired from office? Most of them may have done something against the company policies without knowing the consequences. That implies they were not fully prepared for the resignation process. Giving them a second chance through rehiring will surely help them to be a better employee.

It’s a sign of empathy:

A resignation may not be always a very well-thought procedure. Sometimes it can happen from a misunderstanding, a bullying or as an instant response to something similar. There can be ego issues too. But when you’re the boss or leader, take initiative to check on the present condition of the resigned employee. If you find he/ she is not happy in the new work place, be generous enough to call them and make an offer.

It’s beneficial:

You know how much time and money is invested in hiring and training of new employees. So if you are rehiring an employee, you don’t have to deal with putting again your precious time and finance on training them. They already maybe well familiar with the terms, policies, dos and don’ts of your firm. If you think that there are areas to be given special focus, never be hesitant to provide it to your rejoined employee.

It’s a role change:

Rehiring is much different from hiring. The resigned employees may have gained more exposure and experience from other companies by the time you rehire them. Definitely there is no wrong in rehiring but the roles can be changed as well. If you find the resigned employee has acquired an additional skill, you can assign them with a different role apart from what they were already doing in their past. This will boost the self-esteem of the employee. They will also feel confident to take up more challenges.

It’s a model:

Not many companies rehire their employees. In that case, you willingness to hire back an employee is setting a model for other companies. It shows that you trust your employees and value them. It concretes your firm’s core value of mutual acceptance. Moreover it reveals that you and your team are good humans over good co-workers.

Perhaps a little spying:

There is no existence without competition. If you are rehiring an employee who joined your rival company, it’s an added advantage for you. But you have to be patient not to dig deep into the confidential matters of your rivals. This would put you and your rehired employee in trouble. Create trust in your rehired employee and never make them feel they’re hired for spying.

These are some of the benefits you get while rehiring an employee. Sometimes, the chance you gave may prove to be a bad decision, sometimes you win. However, give a chance and make sure the employee is happy to work with you again. Encourage healthy inter-personal communications inside the firm. Treat them fair and equal in all aspects.

So are you ready to be a game changer? Yeah, let’s welcome them back with more love. 

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Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur 2 months ago

Informative post of Rehiring! 

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