Why should you be your bestseller? Let's boast a bit

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Hello... Hope you are doing good. Well, you know what? I am doing great. I am confident. I am optimistic and am an excellent writer. Hehe!!!

Do you talk like this? Maybe within your friends' circle. What if you talk about yourself in your workplace? Feeling embarrassed at the thought of complimenting yourself? Okay cool, stay here and read on. This piece is for you.

I sing even though am not a great singer. In my school days, I remember me and my friends having free time often. On such lazy afternoons, our teacher used to call students who are good at singing. And she makes each of them sing. Happily I was one among them. But I only showed up when my classmates pushed me to sing. Teacher would then call me and I would sing. You know how many claps I earned?

Later with many singers coming by, I became shy.  I only sang when someone pushed me to. Slowly as years passed by, more talents came by and my classmates forgot me. No one ever knew that I could at least hum.

What do you think that made my friends forget me as a 'somewhat good' singer? Indeed my inhibition. This is what happens when you don't use your space effectively. And here comes the relevance of self-marketing.

Let me ask you one thing. Why do you send a resume to an employer? Sure it highlights your qualification, achievement and experience. But is it just that? Well, your resume is more than that. It reveals the individual you are. It expresses the value you give to yourself. That's why we need bold and compelling resumes in this competitive world. Or else your name will be forgotten too.

Why should you promote yourself?

Just observe your workplace. How much time, energy and effort do all of you put for the goodwill of your company? You do it all through till you retire right? A more deep investment of time, energy and effort is required for you for your survival as an employee. Especially in a fast-paced environment, you need to tell your story yourself to be heard among a wide variety of people.

How to be a best self-seller?

Pushing Limits

Can anyone know you better than yourself? Never indeed. You should be the one highlighting your positives. Exhibit your skill sets. If you think you are not upto some task, think on what can make you fit to it. Take up the challenge.

You are on it

So when your boss asked 'who can present this to clients?' You raised your hands. You said a big yes. Perhaps you doubted whether you could actually do it. But anyway now the ball is in your court. Give your full focus onto the task. Don't bother about the outcome now.

Try the best

Always see that you put in your best. It's not about the time you give but the effort you put in. Never make yourself think that you are no good at your strengths. There is no 'could have done better' coming in the scene. Put your best because you know you can than anybody else. 

Announce your work

Once you finished the task, never forget to announce it. Be it proofreading or coordinating, inform your colleagues and employer that you did it. People do it because no one really recognizes your work amidst their hectic working hours. You have to keep them notified.

Correct yourself

If you are given suggestions to improve, don't put yourself down. Instead, think in a way that someone gave you a suggestion believing you can do it more perfectly. Take in them and work on.

Take credit

If something good comes up, there will be many to take credit on it. If you performed the task without no one's help, take the whole credit. If you asked for help, take credit and mention who helped you. That's how it should work. 

And am sure that you'll be called next time to assign more duties. From raising hands to being selected for taking up tasks... Wow! That amazing change befell because you proved good in something which you believed is your strength.  

Ready to raise your hands? Ready to market yourself? Go ahead and be the best. Good luck!

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