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A resume is a brief encyclopedia about you that lets the interviewer know about your achievements, skills, and experiences. The employer usually takes a while to skim through your resume and get an idea. A resume shouldn't be fancy but simple so that it can be easily reviewed by the applicant tracking systems. Updating your resume the right way will make increase your chances of getting hired. The tips mentioned in this article will help you update your resume and make it unique in a simple way so that it does not miss the attention of the employer. HRDGuru is providing the best HR-approved resume templates with pre-written summaries of all designations. You can update and upgrade your resume by following very easy steps. Generate Now.

Change the font

This is one of the most important factors that make your resume stand out from the crowd. The readable font is way better than the fancy font. Choose the most simple font such as Arial, Times New Roman et cetera. The fond must be understood so that it doesn't get rejected by the applicant tracking systems. 

Make the bullet points relevant

The bullet points that you come up with in your resume should be easily comprehensible and interesting to the person who's looking through your resume. Bullet points must be short and to the point so that it doesn't get monotonous and boring for the recruiter. Relevant bullet points will gain the attention of anyone. Thus, your chances of getting hired will increase. 

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Delete acronyms

Be it an organization, title, or certification, you must get rid of any acronyms that you find in your resume to make sure that the recruiter is able to understand everything that you have mentioned. Moreover, so that the applicant tracking system does not reject it. 

Update your skills

While updating your skills in the resume you should make sure that you only add the most relevant and latest skills that you possess. It is quite important to get rid of irrelevant information as it can reduce your chances of getting employed. Only add skills related to your qualifications. 

Get rid of irrelevant information

The resume must be prepared and updated in a professional way so that it holds the attention of the recruiter. Never mention your personal life, hobbies et cetera since such information is considered to be trivial and is not required in a resume. References and resume objectives must not be included since they are not needed. Make sure that your resume has only work-related information in it so that you do not get rejected. 

Add important information

The resume must contain essential and important information that is of relevance and interest to the recruiter. You can add important information about any part-time job you did, internship details, previous experience, and so on. You must include everything that reflects your experience in the field.

Make sure you are qualified

Before applying for a job and updating your resume, it is very important to know whether you are qualified for that particular job or not. You are squandering your time as well as the recruiter’s if you don't know the qualifications the job requires. Therefore, ensure that you have the minimum required qualifications to get hired for the job.

Update your resume

Always keep your resume updated for job profiles of different types. You must mention the required qualifications and skills the recruiter is looking for in order to increase your chances of getting hired. Update your resume in a way that matches the job profile and gives the best impression to the recruiter. A professional resume can boost your hiring chances, so don't miss the opportunities and generate your resume at HRDGuru.

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Remove old work experience

Your resume must include the information related to your work experience, but it should be very brief and to the point. Only mention the latest jobs you have done. Moreover, prepare your resume in a way that reflects your work history instead of your personal life story. 

Include your HRDGuru and Linkedin profile

Including your HRDGuru & LinkedIn profile indubitably increases your chances of getting employed and you should add both profiles links on the resume. You must ensure that your HRDGuru profile has your name to make it look more professional. Your resume must match your HRDGuru profile. 

Get rid of grammatical errors

Your resume must have no grammatical errors as it makes the resume look unprofessional. You can take the help of HRDGuru's resumes ready-to-use summaries and roles responsibilities to avoid mistakes and errors.  The recruiters check the resume for such errors, and it is easily noticeable. Use HRDGuru help and Grammarly to proofread your resume and make sure there are no errors related to language and grammar. 

Move your education down

Your current work experience is much more important than your previous education. It is always better to move the education section to the bottom since it is not of much importance to the recruiter. You can easily move any section of your resume through HRDGuru's customized tools. The company is concerned with your current skills and experience rather than your age-old educational qualification. Do not incorporate information related to your GPA or high school qualifications because they are not relevant for the job you are applying for. 

Add numerals

Quantifiable achievements and accomplishments must be ostensible on your resume since they are of interest to the recruiter. Make use of numerals whenever required and don't use words to represent numbers as it can reduce your chances of getting hired to a large degree. 

Include a cover letter

A resume is incomplete without a cover letter, and it must be added as it emphasizes the various qualifications you possess for the job. HRDGuru is also providing free cover letter help. A cover letter is absolutely perfect for focusing on your work experience. Furthermore, the recruiter gets an idea just by looking at the cover letter. 

Get a referral 

Having a good connection significantly improves your chances of getting employed for that particular job. It can make a huge difference if you are referred by someone. Your resume will get more attention and scrutiny if it has come through a known connection. Therefore, you must get a referral. 

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