How to be a star in your training period? Tips to impress your boss

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To get hired is not an easy task. You need to prepare and update yourself for being the chosen candidate. So is the training period.

Once you are in after the interview, your next challenge is to get adapt to the working culture. The more quick you are into it, the more is the chance of you getting noticed. And if you have colleagues who are hired at the same time as yours, it is important for you to excel or else be ready to vacate your desk.

How to impress your boss during training?

Well, we all know the fact that a trainee is just a trainee. He/she has so much to learn from the new working atmosphere. The easiest way to get recognized is to make others know that you are trying.

If you find struggling with the assignment, seek for help. This would make an impression that you are open for discussions and asking suggestions. This doesn't mean that you have to ask for help whenever there comes a problem. That would do the adverse effect like you are not upto solving puzzles by yourself. Instead make others notice that you tried and seek help only if your plans failed.

If you're assigned with a task, do not procrastinate. Most freshers lag behind the works being vague of how to perform it. Prepare yourself to take up the work even if it's something new. Try learning new things. And more good if you can add your ideas into it. If you can do the work within the given deadline, then the chance of you getting noticed becomes more.

Being suggestive is another key element to become a star during your training time. For that you need to constantly bring up innovations.

Keep in mind that one cannot be a Jack of all trades. You can refer to different books and sites for enriching your knowledge on a specified area. Gradually the boss and colleagues would run after you for suggestions on that particular topic(sounds pretty cool right!)

Be confident in everything you do. Remember that you are not expected to be perfect during your training time and it's fine to make mistakes. Learn from them.

Take corrections in a positive way. During my training period, I used to feel dejected when someone corrected me. And that made me compare myself to others which is so wrong.

Not just the suggestions and corrections, as a trainee it is always good for you to make an initiative to ask for feedbacks.  This would create a sense of respect and mutual acceptance.

Make brave moves as to tell your boss that you would do better next time. Always keep smiling and carry yourself elegant.

Leave the best impression! Good luck

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