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Once upon a time, there was a woodcutter named Mangesh. He was looking for a job so that he could start earning money. Mangesh was very hard working and was determined to do anything to keep his boss happy. He was roaming in the city and was asking if anybody needed an employee for cutting wood. After many rejections, he landed up a job. A timber merchant gave the job. He was a big supplier of timber wood and was in need of an employee. Happy with his job, Mangesh decided that he would do anything to please his boss.

He started working hard from his first day of work. He used to go to the forest, cut trees, and bring them to the merchant’s warehouse. He put all his strength in work and the merchant seemed pretty impressed. On the first day of his work, he cut down eighteen trees. The boss was very happy and rewarded Mangesh. The next day, he bought thirteen trees and the day after just ten. Mangesh was confused as he did not know why he was not able to cut more trees. He used the same tool to cut the trees and worked for similar hours.

Is hard work the only ingredient for success?

Perplexed, he went to the merchant for help. He apologized to him and said that he did not know what was wrong with him. He was working with full dedication and was putting in a lot of effort. Smiling, the merchant asked Mangesh to sit down. He had a conversation with him and asked him “When was the last time you sharpened your axe?”. To which, he replied that he was too busy working and did not get time to sharpen his axe. The merchant understood that Mangesh did not know the importance of sharpening any weapon.

He explained to Mangesh that due to regular use of the axe, it has got blunt and therefore needs sharpening. The sharper the axe is, the more trees you will be able to cut. Mangesh slowly understood what his boss was saying. He thanked the merchant and went to sharpen his axe. The next day, he was able to cut twenty trees. Mangesh realized that he couldn’t succeed in his life only by doing hard work his thoughts should match his action. Intelligent people don’t work day and night like a machine. They use their sharp mind to utilize the opportunities in their life in the best way.

Try to be smart in your action

Sometimes we forget that the resources we use need repairing from time to time. It could be your knife, your laptop or your bike. You need to make sure that you take care of your things. None of your resources will work if you don’t maintain them. Use the resources well, and it will last you for years. One of these resources can be your mind also. The deeper you’ll think and plan the activities more successful you’ll be in every endeavor

It is not just about the resources; it is also about working smarter. Mangesh worked very hard, but he did not use his brain. Working hard and working smart both are important aspects of any company. You will use the harder way to complete your work if you do not use your mind. Success is not only granted through hard work. Even the labor does hard work but does he get even half of the hard work’s repay. You need to have an intelligent mind that can help you stay focused and make the right decision in your life.

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Kamlesh Singh
Kamlesh Singh Aug 19, 2014 UTC
Very nice quote.

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