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There use to live a well off businessman- “Dhanraj” in a small town. He had a son named Chander. Because he was the only son his all demands and wishes were fulfilled without any thought and as a result he became very insensitive towards the money and efforts put in by his parents. When he grew up as a youth, he used to waste lots of money and roam around with his friends.

Dhanraj was getting old day by day and he wanted that his son should learn about his business and take care of his hard earned money. But Chander was spoiled so much that he could close his entire business and waste the entire money. With all these thoughts Dhanraj became very worried. He wanted to teach a lesson to his son. So he called his son and said, “ You must earn some money today. Go any where, do anything, but earn some money otherwise you will not get your food today.

Chander was very lazy. He did not even tried to find a job. He went to his mother and requested for a rupee so that he can show it as an hard earned money. But his mother refused to give. He insisted again and again then she finally gave him a rupee.

In the evening Chander’s father asked him,” Did you earn anything?” Chander showed him a rupees coin. Dhanraj told him to drop that coin in the well. HE did so immediately without any hesitation.

However, Chander’s mother has told his father about that coin. Dhanraj ask his wife to go and live with her parents for few days. And he ordered Chander again to earn some money. This time he approached her sister for the same thing and in the evening showed that money to his father. Father this time again asks him to drop that coin in the well. He did without a thought. Dhanraj checked with his daughter regarding the money, she told him that Chander has taken one rupee coin from her. Dhanraj also request his daughter to go to her in laws for some time. And again ordered Chander again to earn some money otherwise he will not be allowed to have the food. This time Chander was in real trouble to approach whom. He kept sitting in his home and thought about how to get the money. As the evening approached he got more worried and moves out from home to railway station to find some job.

He found a very old man who was waiting to a Kuli to pick his luggage. Immediately Chader went to him and asked him to give some money against the help. Chander picked up the entire luggage and kept it inside the train. He did not have experience of holding and carrying the luggage so he felt the pain in doing that but he managed it somehow. The old man gave him a rupee coin. He took that money and reached his home. His father was waiting for him. He asked Chander, “ have you earned something today?”

Chander showed the coin to him. Again his father asked him to throw the coin in the well. This time Chander resisted doing so. He said, “ Do you know with so much of effort I have earned this money. And you are asking me to throw it in a well. Why should I throw my hard earned money in the well?

Dhanraj said, “ Son, I just wanted to make you realize that money is earned with hard work and the person who has done so can understand the value of that money. Now I have no problem in handing over my entire business to you.




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