True Gift Of Time

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One day when a businessman came back to his home from the office, his five-year-old son was waiting for him at the door. The father went inside, relaxed and had a cup of tea. The son then asked his father, “ Father, I would like to ask one question to you?”

Father : Yes son, you can ask.

Son: Father, Can you tell me how much you one hour cost?

Father : How is it concerned to you. Why are you asking for these details?

Son: I had a feeling to know that. Please father, tell me how much you earn in an hour?

Father : If you so eager to know then let me tell you that I earn 200 rupees per hour.

Son: Oh! That’s great father. Can you give me 100 rupees?

Father did not like this and refused the money. He got angry on this behavior of his son. He did not wanted to waste his hard earned money like this. The boy went to his room.

The father went ahead and rested for some time, had dinner and watched television. When his anger vanished, he thought about his son and his dialogue that they had today. He wondered that my son don’t ever ask for any money, it might be something very important.

So he went to his son’s room. His son was reading a book in his bed. The father sat beside him and gave 100 rupees that he demanded. The son thanked him and took out few notes under his pillow. He counted the money and gave it to his father. He said, “ Father, here are 200 rupees for you, now can I take you one hour.

The father was amazed with this and realized his duties towards his family.





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