Why should you do extra? The 'extra' magic!

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Hey! How are you doing? Well, am doing good. I was thinking what to pen. So here it is. Let's talk about doing 'extra'. I know that this is not always a topic you love to read and hear. But trust me, you are going to do great after reading this. Read on!

Yes, we were about to talk on doing 'extra'. But before that let me ask you one thing. How many of you really complete the assigned jobs within the deadline? Most of us fail to do so. And that's not okay. Okay?

Any job assigned to you must be done within the time limit. Perhaps on some days you can explain the reason why you lagged behind. But your boss is soon gonna get bored of your excuses. Therefore it is important for you to finish your work within the timeframe.

Now to the 'extra' part. Do you know why I mentioned the timeframe and assigned jobs first? Because that comes before doing the extra magic. Extra is what you do additionally to what you've already done or doing something out of box or at your own risk.

When your boss assigned you to clear the accounts, you are doing your duty. Once you finish it, you have two options. Either you can leave and have a wonderful evening or you can stay a little longer and do something extra. Ehem, there's no need you have to go on an extra hour for putting your extra effort. You can sometimes do an extra magic in the given work itself!

You can perform this extra by choosing another way to compute which would make the accounts a bit more easy. That would become your masterpiece as well and earn you enough compliments. Sounds pretty cool right! Or you can help the designer giving her/him some suggestions. You can plan an event. Extras goes on like that. Which means your extra can be anything other than your routine work. And it need not be every time what you are supposed to do. Your extra can go out of your comfort zones and prescribed skill sets! 

I know that it's not an easy thing. If you are hesitant or uncomfortable to do things beyond your expert areas, you can put that extra in little things you do as your duty. Then it becomes much more easy. And every day it may not be possible for you to give your best or put extra into what you do. That's fine dear friend! You have better chances ahead. These extras will one day take you to greater heights and they will always remain as your best achievements. So do well, do your extra magic!

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