Practicing self-love - 6 tips to get started!

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The concept of self-love, self-care is oft heard these days. Some of us may find the idea alien since all our lives we’ve been taught to be selfless, living life to give happiness to others.

Women, especially, will recognise the idea of being self-sacrificing. As girls, daughters, later wives and mothers, its unheard that a woman puts hers needs before her family’s needs.

However, self-love doesn’t mean becoming selfish and focussing on just yourself. Self-love is loving yourself as a whole, taking pride in your inherent strengths while accepting your flaws. It means giving yourself the same self-respect and affection that you display towards others. Makes sense?

Raised in a competitive world, it’s tough to not be part of the rat-race, the constant desire to be the best is familiar. At the same time, during the lows, we turn into our worse critics. Hence, self-love seems abstract and a difficult habit to cultivate.

Still, if you are able to foster self-care over a period of time, it will eventually create an atmosphere of peace and contentment for us and others.

Here are 6 tips to embark you on your journey towards self-care:

#1 Become mindful

Be aware of what you feel, need and want at all times. Watching your breath is the most basic step to learn mindfulness.

Internal self-awareness and acceptance of your present state of being is a good way to commence on the path to self-love.

 #2 Take care of yourself

Foster a healthy lifestyle - eating a balanced diet, regular exercise and fixed sleep routines will go a long way in keeping your body fit. Similarly, yoga and meditation techniques will support in developing mental and spiritual wellness.

Strengthening physical and mental wellbeing are crucial aspects of demonstrating love towards oneself. However, love your body no matter what, keep the efforts on towards being fitter than your earlier self.

#3 Be kind to yourself

Everyone passes through good and bad phases. Ensure you celebrate achievements but be careful to not be too harsh on yourself during failures. Introspect on what went wrong, accept the situation and move forward to create more learnings and memories for yourself.

Being too self-critical, self-blaming and beating oneself up over mistakes will harm one’s self-confidence. Instead boost yourself, utilise positive affirmations, remind self of earlier wins, so also disasters from where you picked up yourself.

#4 Protect yourself

Surround yourself with positive thoughts, positive vibes and positive people. Negative thinking, continuous overthinking of problems usually stall action without providing real solutions.

Promote saying no as a skill for protecting your boundaries at work and at the personal front. Recognise the people who understand, accept and appreciate you, decide for yourself whom you want to spend time with, leave behind those who don’t value you. Do not hesitate to weed out those individuals from your life who are being repeatedly judgemental and disapprove your behaviour/decisions.

#5 Stop comparing yourself with others

Endless comparisons with friends, neighbours, social media contacts is sheer waste of your time and energy. Most people show their shiny side digitally, it’s foolish to be swayed by the mythical sparkle.

Don’t make your life about desires and regrets, be more with less, fewer requirements, minimum wants, only owning what you truly need. It sounds challenging, yet very much possible and the best way to lead a meaningful, flourishing life.

#6 Do what you love

Discover and follow your passion. Doing what you love and loving what you do is a true demonstration of love for yourself. A career is not an end in itself yet it’s a huge part of our adult lives hence selecting a profession that energises and powers us is a vital link to our state of mind.

And while doing all this, remember to take those well-needed breaks, family vacations, leisure time with an enjoyable hobby so you return rejuvenated and excited about your next venture.

I’ve always been overly self-critical, continually looking at avenues to improve my earlier performance. Lately, realised, it’s important to do a self-assessment however in the process never undervalue your talents and accomplishments. Instead of delving in self-doubt, inaction & lowering morale, take charge of the situation, find optimum solutions and seek support when required.

The reality is you are unique in this world, you neither require a relationship nor have to indulge in a specific activity to feel complete, you should feel content, fulfilled in yourself. Slowly but surely, you’ll get used to taking care and loving yourself; this will infact enable you to pay better attention to people close to you.

Soon, you’ll even attract people and circumstances that nurture your wellbeing, further empowering you to live the life you’ve visualised for yourself.

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