Why not we change in our workplaces?

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Hello! How's the josh?

Well, am here writing a blog for hrdguru after a small break. And kindly excuse me if this sounds more personal than professional. But I thought I need to talk on this and so sharing my word here.

I began working at the age of 20, right after my graduation. Since then, (irrespective of the fact that I switched my career from being a business associate to a journo and now to being a copywriter)I've been noticing something. Guess what?

I've been overhearing people discuss people. And that's no big deal. Agreed to the point that we are humans and it's natural that we discuss about our friends, family and colleagues. But the way you discuss a person shouldn't become an offense.

'Did you see our new intern? He's so dark that he looks like a negro' And they laughed thinking it was a classic joke! But you know what, it was pure shit!

This happens even in most reputed companies. That vividly underlines the fact that education isn't enough for one to be a successful human.

Sure you can laugh and any workplace needs good humour to manage the stressful environment. But censor your jokes before you talk it out. Age, race, ethnicity, language, weight, height, complexion, hair, accessories or the costumes of your coworker is not a joke!

So to begin with, let's make our descriptions positive. Let's say that the new joinee is a smart girl or that our old HR is really cool. Let's identity people by their strengths and most importantly what all I mentioned afore are not weaknesses! It's just the diversities.

Let's make our chitchats inclusive. Let's keep the discussions healthy. This not only boosts the esteem of the person about whom you comment, but also can save you in a highly competitive working space. Because even walls have ears! Beware of what you talk behind people.

If you are one among those people who make such insensitive dialogues, be the change. Sometimes the words are sharper than we think. Make good out of it. Let's give a healthy shot, that's my thought! Thank you

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