Eight signs it’s time to quit your job!

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Everyone encounters good and bad days at work. But, when your dissatisfaction becomes a pattern and the work environment doesn’t seem to get better for days and months together, it’s worth reflecting whether it’s just another challenging period or there’s an underlying cause that doesn’t resolve in spite of your sincere efforts.

Are you able to identify the difference between a typical testing situation that’s solvable and a state where quitting remains the only option?

Here are eight signs to know it’s time to head towards the company’s exit door:

Sign #1: You are being undervalued

You feel passionate about your work when you see a larger purpose and meaning behind what you do that generates a sense of fulfillment. However, when tasks get mundane and boring, your skills are underutilised, your opinions aren’t valued and you aren’t compensated at par with your experience/talent, you must acknowledge - you don’t belong there.

The danger in continuing in a job like this is, over time you view yourself through the lens of your boss/the company, losing awareness of your own abilities. The earlier you recognise this reality and find a place that appreciates you and your strengths, the better it is for your career.

Sign #2: You dread going to work

It’s normal to feel the Monday blues and look forward to a holiday or a planned vacation. However, when you start losing sleep, feeling stressed or just dread going to work on a daily basis, it’s a sure shot warning that you’re frustrated and need to evaluate other career options.

Sign #3: You need better work-life balance  

Do you take more sick days than you ever accounted for? Are the long working hours making you sacrifice your personal time? Do you find yourself foregoing a healthy routine of diet, exercise and sleep over work, work and more work? These signal towards a toxic work life.

Without realising it, a lack of work-life balance can have disastrous consequences on one’s physical and mental wellbeing. No job is worth it, if it’s at the expense of your family and health.

Sign #4: Your ethics and values are being compromised

At any point of time, if you feel your ethics and personal values are misaligned with the company’s values, you should resign. Values are displayed through daily transactions in the organisation - how employees are treated, can they voice their opinions openly, how assignments are prioritised, are policies and protocols uniform, how are the customers/vendors managed and so on.

A common case of an unethical practice which may seriously compromise your personal ethics is being asked to execute financial malpractices or misleading customers with a view to generate revenue.

This kind of negative work setting affects your future and morale in the long term. When such activities are thrust upon you and that becomes your only way to survive in the job, it’s definitely time to leave.

Sign #5: There are no growth opportunities

Other than promotions (vertical advancements) and raises, organisations reward employees through lateral movements (working on a new project), job enrichment (working in another department/role), training program nominations and research & development opportunities.

If your company doesn’t provide any of these options for growth, you’ll end up getting stagnated as a professional, then, moving out is the only respite.

Sign #6: You have a difficult boss

There can be disagreements with your boss but when matters go beyond casual differences, with an overall lack of trust and support, it can hamper performance and your confidence in general.

When you are constantly being chided, evaluated and feel like you are always under a microscope, it’s time to assess your situation compared to others in the company. Is your boss an isolated problem or its part of a bigger cultural issue?

Sign #7: The work environment is unhealthy

Examples of an unhealthy work environment include controlling management practices, distrust among senior leaders, public shaming, harassment of employees and ineffective communication.

A damaging work environment often leads to physical symptoms related to coming to work (frequent headaches, losing/gaining weight, feeling anxious/depressed), high employee turnover, employees not speaking truthfully due to fear of being punished and more.

If you find yourself in a toxic environment like this, it’s time to start searching for a new job where the work culture is a better fit for you.

Sign #8: The company’s future is in question

Staff lay-offs, freeze on recruitments, salary capping, delay in wage payments, reduction in client base, closing down of work locations are indications that a company’s financial future is bleak.

Reviewing the company's annual financial reports can provide insight into its financial health. Although companies experience cycles of highs and lows, if your company is significantly underperforming and/or in legitimate danger of closing shop, you should consider leaving.

Considerations before finally resigning from your post

Quitting from a job is a complex and highly personal decision, the repercussions have to considered carefully before taking the plunge.

  • Ensure that you leave no stone turned to transform a difficult circumstance to your advantage including open dialogues with your immediate manager and senior/s regarding your future in the company before calling it a day.
  • Ultimately, if your decision to quit is final, plan on finding another job that’s better aligned with you in terms of the work culture and your long-term goals. Securing a job when you’re employed has multiple benefits compared to quitting and then exploring options.

Remember, no job is worth compromising over your happiness and wellbeing, your career is only a part of your life, it’s not your life!

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