Baby Steps in Human Resource Tech: Social and Your ATS

Added: Feb 25, 2014 UTC
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We all know how important it is in recruiting to embrace social media as an effective medium in your recruiting process, but many of us don’t know how to integrate social media recruiting initiatives with an ATS optimally. Social media has changed the way we recruit. Knowing how to use your ATS in a manner that facilitates social recruiting is important. If the occasion should arise, you will need to know what to look for in a new ATS as far as social features go.

LinkedIn has become one of the most effective tools in online recruiting. In 2012, it was used by 93% of companies for recruiting purposes. The new feature, the “Apply with LinkedIn” button has become wildly popular. This new feature enables candidates to apply for a job using their LinkedIn profile instead of uploading a resume.

Making this feature available to potential candidates really improves the chances of candidates going through the application process. Each tool that makes the application process easier is a tool that improves your candidate experience. Making the process easier is attractive to passive candidates who aren’t up for a painstaking application process.

It has never been easier to share job listings from your ATS via social. You can share listings with your professional network, or target relevant connections. Once you’ve attracted the right people, they should be able to apply directly from your company page on either your website or social profiles. The more outlets that your ATS can integrate with, the farther your reach gets. Thanks to evolving ATSs, you can now leverage your existing traffic by posting to your career page and social outlets automatically through your software. Furthering your reach is now simpler than ever with just a few clicks, instead of logging in and out and copying and pasting the same information on different outlets. Making your application process mobile-friendly is becoming more and more important each day. 77% of job seekers use mobile job search apps. Everyone is on his or her Smartphone at all times, and HR tech is taking this into account. Many ATSs now offer mobile access to the company’s job portal.

Mobile functionality in the application process is vital. Having mobile capability means that more shares likes and tweets about these job listings happen. Mobile and social are like peanut butter and jelly. Going mobile greatly increases social reach.

Social doesn’t have to be another cumbersome step in your everyday recruiting processes. Through more automated functions, an ATS can greatly affect your social reach. Applicant tracking systems are capable of so much these days. Make sure you’re taking advantage of these features, or taking them into consideration when you choose your tech and software. 29% of job seekers use social media as their primary tool for job searching; your ATS’s social capabilities should reflect this market.


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